Animal Habitat Clip Cards

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Looking for a way to teach your preschoolers about animal habitats? These animal habitat clip cards are a great way to help your students explore different animals and their natural habitats.

How Do You Explain Habitat to Preschoolers?

A habitat is the environment that the animal lives in. Each animal has a specific type of environment that they live in that is able to provide them the food, shelter, and climate they are designed for. There are so many different habitats for the wide variety of animals in this world!

To help your pre-k or kindergarten age kids grasp the concept of habitat have conversations with them about what they need to live comfortably – could they live in the ocean or outer space? This conversation will inevitably also give you the chance to discuss adaptations (like a submarine or an astronaut suit) with your kids and how some animals are more adaptable than others.

Animal Habitat Clip Cards for Preschoolers

After discussing what a habitat is with your children, grab these clip cards, some clothespins, and play! This packet includes two different styles of clip cards. Set 1 includes 92 different cards in which children match the animal to it’s habitat. Set 2 also includes 92 different cards, however in this set kids pick which animal belongs in the habitat.

While playing discuss with your child animal features and environment characteristics that help each animal live in the environment.

Once your child is done playing this set of clip cards can easily be stored in any task size box until the next time. These cards are also fun to set out in a science center for kids to revisit while playing.

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