10 Books about Snowmen and Homemade Snow!

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Well it is 64° here in the middle of January…no hopes of snow any time soon. Even if we can’t get out and enjoy the snow, we can still make snow at home (click to jump to recipe) and read some fun books about snowmen!
books about snowmen
This is a great sensory activity to tie into book exploration. Below are some of our favorite books about snowmen!

Books About Snowmen!

1. Snowbaby Could Not Sleep by. Kara LaReau

books about snowmen, snowbaby could not sleep Kara Lareau

This is an adorable book about a little snowbaby who can not fall to sleep no matter what they try. Livia giggled as the Mama got snowbaby more snow because it was too warm. Snowbaby finally finds comfort when Mama makes him a snowpuppy to cuddle with all night long. Both of my kids (ages 20 months and 6) go through sleep anxiety so we really enjoyed this book. Livia even counted snowflakes to sleep after reading it.

2. Snowzilla by. Janet Lawler

books about snowmen, snowzilla janet lawler

Snowzilla is a fun rhyming book about a city that gets a week of non-stop snow. Cami and her brother build a snowman so huge that the city eventually finds it to be a nuisance. Using problem solving skills the citizens work together to find a solution and move Snowzilla to a better spot. When summer comes Snowzilla melts and Cami vows to build a bigger, better snowman the next year. While TinTin is not yet talking, he has brought me this book to read over and over again. I have even caught him reading it (upside down) to his buffalo Bonk.

3. All You Need for a Snowman by. Alice Schertle

books about snowmen, all you need for a snowman Alice Schertle

All You Need for a Snowman is a fun rhyming a counting book with beautiful illustrations. As each page turns your kids are bound to listen closely to figure out what else needs to be added. This is a great book for working on predictions. My kids loved the illustrations and I loved how interactive they were with this book, asking questions and taking guesses.

4. Snowman in Paradise by. Michael Roberts

books about snowmen, snowman in paradise Michael Roberts

Snowman in Paradise is absolutely brilliant! Written to the rhyme of the Night Before Christmas this beautifully illustrated book tells the story of a snowman who meets a magical bluebird and gets his vacation wishes granted. When we lived up North we used to take annual winter vacations just to get the sun, so a snowman needing the same definitely brought a smile to my face. While some of the references are more for the adults that are reading the book, this book will definitely bring a smile to your child’s face. I thought it may be a tad long for my youngest (20 months), he sat through the entire book and found something to point and smile at on every page.

5. A Really Good Snowman by. Daniel J. Mahoney

books about snowmen, A Really Good Snowman Daniel J. Mahoney

A Really Good Snowman was the perfect book to read to my kids. Currently we are going through the stage of the “pesky” brother. In this book the author gently addresses the natural conflict between younger and older siblings. As both kids head out to join a snowman contest Jack is quickly relieved to see that the teams have a three person rule, meaning there is no room for his little sister on his team with his friends. As soon as Jack notices that bullies decide to pick on Nancy’s efforts at a snowman, he swoops in leaving his friends to come to her rescue. While he looses the best snowman contest, he walks home with the best brother award! The illustrations in this book are beautiful and the array of snowmen are bound to bring smiles!

6. Sadie and the Snowman by. Allen Morgan

books about snowmen, Sadie and the Snowman Allen Morgan

Sadie and the Snowman is a children’s classic filled with repetition and creative problem solving. Sadie decides to build a snowman who is more than just a snowman, he is her friend. Repeatedly animals eat the snowman’s decorations and he melts. As the book progresses Sadie searches for solutions to making her snowman last. The repetition in this book is perfect for the budding reader. Since it is easy to remember your child is sure to chime in and build their confidence in reading!

7. Making a Friend by. Alison McGhee

books about snowmen, making a friend Alison McGhee

Making a Friend is a beautiful story of hope, love, and friendship. The first snow falls and a young boy makes a snowman, his friend. As winter turns to spring, the snowman melts and the boys looks for (and finds) traces of his friend throughout the seasons. This gentle story teaches young children that love remains with you and friendship lasts forever.

8. Snowmen at Work by. Caralyn Buehner

books about snowmen, Snowmen at work Caralyn Buehner

Ever wonder what would happen if snowmen came to life? Snowmen at works offers a peak into the life of a snowman and the type of jobs they would have. This delightful story is filled with magical illustrations and hidden images. Both of my kids loved this funny and imaginative story!

9. The Biggest Snowman Ever by. Steven Kroll

books about snowmen, the biggest snowman ever Steven Kroll

The Biggest Snowman Ever is a fun story about two mice who head off to a competition only to find out that it is too much work to take on alone. So they decide to join forces. I love the theme of working together to accomplish a goal! Competition isn’t bad, but sometimes team work is better!

10. That’s Not My Snowman by. Fiona Watt

books about snowmen, that's not my snowman Fiona Watt

That’s Not My Snowman is a simple book with large bright pictures that is great for younger children. It was a fun book for discussing textures, even my six year old had a blast coming up with synonyms.

Home Made Snow!

Even if it isn’t cold enough here, the weather is still ridiculously dry. When coming up with a recipe I wanted to try and find something that not only would hold cold, but would help moisturize hands. So I got online and researched fake snow…most called for the insides of diapers. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my kids playing with the chemicals that are found inside diapers…so I decided to try and create my own recipe. I originally tried this with a lotion and didn’t like the result. Second attempt around we tried conditioner and I LOVED it…and so did the kids!

How to Make Fake Snow with ONLY two ingredients!
The recipe is super easy! This can also be put into a ziplock baggie, stored, and reused. I put it in the refrigerator before play and it held the cold pretty well, but did not get as cold as snow or too cold to touch. I also tried leaving it out on the counter just to see how it adjusted to temperature. The next morning it was still cool to the touch.

Homemade Fake Snow

Homemade Fake Snow

Needing a fun indoor winter activity? This indoor fake snow is easy to make and bound to keep your kid entertained all day!


  • 3 1/2 Cups Baking Soda
  • 3/4 Cups White Conditioner
  • Glitter as Desired


  1. Pour all of the ingredients into a large Rubbermaid tub
  2. Mix together
  3. Play!

Nutrition Information:

Serving Size:

1 grams

Amount Per Serving: Unsaturated Fat: 0g

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And the part I loved the most? Our hands were amazingly soft after playing with!


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