Printable Cut and Paste Clownfish Craft with Visual Directions

Cut and Paste Clownfish Craft with Visual Directions

Are you looking for a fun and engaging activity to do with your little ones? This easy-to-follow cut and paste clownfish craft is perfect for all kids who love sea creatures and getting crafty. Plus, it’s a great way to work on following multi-step directions and improve fine motor skills. So gather your supplies and … Read more

How to Write Effective Social Stories: A Practical Guide for Parents and Educators

Have you ever witnessed a child who struggles with social skills? Perhaps you’ve noticed a child who finds it hard to make friends, understand social cues, or behave appropriately in social situations. It can be a challenging and frustrating experience, both for the child and those who care for them. But there is hope. Social … Read more

What Are Social Stories?

If you’re a parent or teacher you know how important it is to help your child develop social and emotional skills. But what if your child has trouble understanding social situations, communicating their emotions, or making friends? It can be a challenge to know how best to support them. That’s where social stories come in. … Read more

Sensory Solutions: Proprioceptive Toys and Therapy Tools

Proprioceptive toys can provide a range of benefits for children, including improved body awareness, coordination, and motor skills. These toys are designed to provide sensory input to the muscles and joints, which can help children develop their proprioceptive sense and regulate their sensory system. Whether your child has sensory processing difficulties, developmental delays, or just … Read more

Strategies for Creating a Sensory Friendly Classroom

Have you ever been in a classroom where certain noises, lights, or textures felt overwhelming or distracting?  For students with sensory needs, everyday classroom stimuli can become a barrier to learning and lead to discomfort, anxiety, and even meltdowns. That’s why creating a sensory-friendly classroom is so important. What is a Sensory Friendly Classroom? A … Read more