Construction Tools Geoboard Pattern Mats

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Geoboards are a fantastic tool for strengthening fine motor muscles while exposing young children to beginning geometry skills. Little learners will love the hands on learning they get with these construction tools geoboard mats!

Construction Geoboard Printables

One of my favorite things about geoboard patterns is that they are a low prep activity that require minimal supplies yet can keep kids engaged for long periods of time.

While playing with geoboards kids are exploring various STEM skills while they engineer their designs. In addition to STEM and fine motor geoboards also help young learners with skills such as visual perception, which is the brains ability to make sense of what the eyes are seeing.

Geoboard Patterns and Mats: Construction Theme

This printable packet is a total of 64 pages that includes 22 Geoboard Activity Mats and 10 differentiated Geoboard Pattern Cards.

Construction tool pictures included are:

  • Tool Box 
  • Screwdriver
  • Nail
  •  Nut
  • Screw
  • Spade
  • Wrench
  • Ruler
  • Paint Roller
  • and Paint Brush

Geoboard Pattern Cards

The construction tools geoboard task cards come in two different levels for the geoboard patterns – easy and hard. Some of the hard designs can get fairly difficult, but this packet makes it easy for kids to build up their skills to those more difficult designs.

With these task cards children work on one to one correspondence which is a foundational math skill while also being exposed to the more difficult geometry concepts of sides and vertices.

Geoboard Mats

In this printable packet there are four different styles of mats available.

Using the mats children are introduced to basic concepts of addition and sentence writing.

Once they are successful in counting the rubber bands used for their geoboard designs, the pattern mats move into more difficult designs that challenge children to examine sides and vertices of their tools.

This packet also offers two open ended design challenges where kids can create their own tools of the trade!

The first open ended geoboard design challenge mat prompts children to explore the various shapes they used, while the second mat offers room for children to write about their designs.

We have loved playing with this geoboard packet and we hope you do too!

Sharing is caring!