Homemade Scented Finger Paints (Non-Toxic)

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Art supplies make my heart happy. There is just something freeing about taking the time, using your hands, and creating. Painting has always been my stress outlet and this love of paint has been passed onto my kids. 

Personally my favorite medium is oil…not exactly the most kid friendly medium out there. After a couple projects, a bunch of messes, and a headache or two attempting to keep the kids from taste testing the paint…because let's be honest, a toddler is going to attempt to eat it- I went on a search for non-toxic homemade finger paint recipes. And the internet was full of endless ideas. Then I found this idea for scented watercolors on Serving Pink Lemonade and fell in love. 

Homemade Scented Finger Paints

Taking this idea and mixing it with a basic flour based recipe we came up with a homemade scented finger paint idea that we all had a great time playing with!

Aren't they beautiful? I am in LOVE with them!!
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Homemade Scented Finger Paints (Non-Toxic) Recipe:

1 cup of flour (or cornstarch)
1 cup water food coloring Vanillia Extract (Can also use koolaide or essential oils)

1.Combine flour (or cornstarch), scent of choice, and water in a small bowl and mix until smooth. If it is coming out gloppy thin with water. If you use cornstarch, mix over heat. 
2. Separate into containers of how many colors you want and add food dye.[/su_note]


We had so much fun making our Christmas cards with this paint using a vanilla extract. The kids loved using “Christmas cookie” paint to create some holiday love. 

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Share as many posts as you would like. They can be older or newer posts.  The only rule in sharing a post on this linky is that the craft shared needs to be one that can be used with finger paint. Simple enough right? Looking forward to what you guys have to share!!

This paint is not designed to be purposefully eaten. This is just made with ingredients that are found in every day items that are safer to ingest than typical paint chemicals.

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