Macaroni Penguin Craft (and Printable)

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As we have been working on learning about Penguins and Polar Animals, Livia decided that she wanted to make “one of those silly feather penguins”. Knowing that she was talking about the Macaroni Penguin, we hopped online and browsed the penguin directory allowing her to discover the Macaroni Penguin on her own. She always gets super excited when she is able to do a successful search online and it is a great way (with supervision) to let a kid explore online.

macaroni penguin craftAfter learning a little bit about the Macaroni Penguin, we pulled out the craft box and this is her creation! I am pretty sure she got the idea on Pinterest as she loves to browse the craft ideas with me on there. A penguin similar to this was originally found on Scholastic.

To do this craft you will need the following:

macaroni penguin craft
Black and Orange Construction Paper, Cotton Balls, Feathers, Paint, Glitter Glue, Googly Eyes, Paint Brush, and Recycled Plastic Bottle

One of the things that I loved about this is that this craft gave us the opportunity to work on Livia’s rote counting which is an area she stumbles a bit in. As we filled the bottle with cotton balls we counted how many were in there. I also did not glue the top on. We have played a couple of games of “Guess How Many” (after I have added or removed some cotton balls). It has been a fun game for getting her counting. 

Livia wanted to add macaroni to her Macaroni Penguin, but I did not have any in the house. I am sure there will be another project in a couple days that is along these lines. 

Macaroni Penguin Craft:

Macaroni Penguin Craft

Macaroni Penguin Craft


  • Black and Orange Construction Paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Cotton Balls
  • Googly Eyes
  • Recycled Bottle
  • Feathers


  1. Stuff the recycled bottle with cotton balls
  2. Paint the top half of the bottle with black.
  3. Paint the feathers yellow and spread them out to dry.
  4. Cut out the construction paper pieces. Orange= triangle and heart, Black= two wings
  5. Attach the googly eyes and construction paper pieces.
  6. Glue the feathers to the back of the bottle so that they stick out around the eyes (you may have to use tape depending on the bottle).


Craft items provided by Oriental Trading:

Adapted from Oriental Trading

Nutrition Information:

Serving Size:

1 grams

Amount Per Serving: Unsaturated Fat: 0g

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Macaroni Penguin Printable:

I am not a huge fan of worksheets, but I will admit that they have a purpose. Every now and then Livia decides that she wants to do a worksheet. When doing this activity she decided that she wanted to write a book about the Macaroni Penguin. I came up with two printables for her to create her book with. The first one is a fact page, the other one is just blank writing paper.

macaroni penguin printable[ddownload id=”2021″ style=”button” button=”yellow”] writing worksheet[ddownload id=”2023″ style=”button” button=”yellow”]

A Book for the Craft:

Macaroni Penguin book by Edana EckartMacaroni Penguin (Welcome Books: Animals of the World) by. Edana Eckart is an emergent reader that is filled with beautiful pictures and fun facts. It’s not a spectacular book, but it was very useful for Livia to pull this off our shelf when writing her story as she was able to see the images and facts in one place.

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