Ocean Themed Yoga for Kids

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Yoga is a fantastic activity to get kids up and moving! Today we are sharing a fun printable Ocean Themed Yoga for Kids packet for y’all to use at home or in school!

Ocean Themed Kids Yoga

Ocean Themed Kids Yoga

Yoga is one of our favorite ways to sneak in some sensory brain breaks throughout the day. It’s easy to do and you don’t need any additional tools.

In this packet we have included 12 different yoga poses for kids to do! They are:

Whale Pose: Bow Pose – bend your back into a bow like an arching whale!

Starfish Pose: Star Pose – stretch out big like a starfish!

Crab Pose: Reverse Table Pose – crawl around like a crab!

Shark Pose: Rabbit Pose – point your hands in the air like a shark fin!

Turtle Pose: Turtle Pose – pretend to be a turtle withdrawing into it’s shell!

Puffer-fish Pose: Salutation Seal Pose – practice deep breaths and puff up like a puffer-fish!

Squid Pose: Wide-Angle Seated Forward Pose – extend your arms and legs like a squids tentacles and wiggle around!

Hermit Crab Pose: Rock and Roll Pose – roll around like a hermit crab in it’s shell!

Seahorse Pose: Chair Pose – reach high above your head while kneeling to turn your body into a seahorse shape!

Swordfish Pose: Upward Facing Dog Pose – arch your back and lift your head high like a swordfish!

Stingray Pose: Child’s Pose – curl into a ball and relax like a stingray!

Octopus Pose: Horse Pose – stretch your arms and legs out. Wiggle them like an octopus!

How to Uses These Ocean Themed Yoga Cards

Print your cards off here. I would suggest printing these on cardstock as they are designed to be printed on both the front and back of the paper.

Then laminate and cut these cards out and you are good to go!

I personally love putting our yoga cards on to a ring so they are easy to keep together.

Not printing off these ocean themed yoga cards right this second? Then pin this post so you can easily find it later!

Ocean Themed Kids Yoga

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