Easy Popsicle Stick Apple Core Craft

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It’s back to school time! Today we are sharing a fun Popsicle Stick Apple Core Craft for Kids with a fun twist!

Popsicle Stick Apple Core Craft

Before digging into this apple craft, we read the book Ten Red Apples by Pat Hutchins which is a fun math book for exploring counting to ten.

In this book, the farmer has 10 red apples in his tree. One by one animals come by to gobble them up! Every single time the farmer yells, “Save one for me!” The repetition along with the counting make this a really fun and easily predictable book for young readers.

Once we were done reading we got on to making our own chomped on apples!

Popsicle Stick Apple Craft for Kids

Supplies Needed:

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  • Jumbo Craft Sticks (we used these)
  • Glue Stick
  • Red, Green and Black Foam Craft Sheets
  • Gold & Green Glitter Foam Craft Sheets (we used these)


1. Take four craft sticks & your handy dandy glue stick. Glue your Popsicle sticks together. do this twice.

2. Take your red and green piece of foam paper and cut out a large circle on each. Cut the circles in half.

3. Glue each circle half on top and bottom of your craft sticks creating the apple shape.

4. While your apples are drying, cut out stems using your sparkle gold foam sheets. Attach these to your apple. If you got the self adhesive foam papers recommended above, then just peel and stick! If simply glue your apple stems on.

5. Let your stems dry. While your stems are drying away, take your black foam paper and cut out a few apple seeds.

6. Have children count out the seeds as they glue them on! If you want to tie this into the book even more, use 10 seeds to and put that rote counting to work 🙂

7. Then cut out leaves from the green foam paper and glue them on to finish your apple core craft!

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Popsicle Stick Apple Core Craft

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