Printable 2 Piece Animal Puzzle for Preschoolers

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These fun printable animal pattern matching 2-piece puzzles are sure to be loved by your kids! These simple problem solving puzzles are perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners.

With this printable packet, little learners will match pieces of a close up, real life photo of the animal’s skin to a clip art picture of the animal. When working on these puzzles kids use cognitive skills such as visual discrimination and hand-eye coordination, as well as fine-motor skills such as dexterity. There are so many developmental benefits of puzzles that are excellent for early childhood development!

For younger children such as kids in their toddler years, there is the ability to print out only a couple of pages at a time in order to allow the puzzles to be self-correcting. However, this puzzle packet does use multiple of the same outlines, so if you print the full packet to play with all at once, the puzzles will not be self-correcting. This is an excellent way to provide a challenge to kids in the preschool years or older!

Using the full packet is a fantastic way to give young minds a challenge because it will require them to closely examine the animal skin patterns! No matter where your young child is in their learning journey, you can use these puzzles!

Animal Skin Matching Cards

This packet includes 88 different wildlife animal puzzles! From lion to lizard there is a huge variety of different animals for kids to pick from! Some of the animals included are:

  • armadillo
  • camel
  • coral snake
  • gila monster
  • pufferfish
  • panther
  • elephant
  • jellyfish
  • and so much more!

These are by far one of my favorite puzzles printable that we have. These animal puzzles are also designed to easily fit into a task card sized box making it an easy addition to any of your centers.

Animal Pattern Matching Game

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Items Needed:

We would also recommended gluing these puzzles to a durable cardboard (like a cereal box) to make your puzzles more sturdy.

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Setting Up Play:

After printing these zoo animal pattern puzzles, you will need to do a little bit of prep. To prep the puzzles simply print and cut. If you are planning to glue these to a thick cardboard I would recommend gluing first and then cutting so that the cardboard matches where you have cut the paper.

Then play!

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