Printable Earth Day Lego Mats Your Kids Will Love

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Earth Day is an important day to teach kids about sustainability, the environment, and how to take care of our planet. What better way to celebrate this day than with fun, engaging, and educational activities? That’s where Earth Day Lego Mats come in! These printable mats are perfect for no-prep, independent work stations that will keep kids engaged and learning.

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Earth Day Building Block Printable

The Earth Day Lego Mats printable packet is jam-packed with 10 awesome building block designs that feature all kinds of Earth Day-related words and images like “Recycle,” “Watering Can,” “Leaves,” and even the big boss itself, “Earth.”

Not only do you get the full-color versions of the mats, but you also get black-and-white versions for your little ones to color in and make their own. Plus, each mat includes “Write, Trace, and Tally” exercises that sneakily reinforce learning while your kiddos are having fun, and reference art to help them follow the patterns and create their own designs. With the Earth Day Lego Mats, your little ones can learn about the environment, sustainability, and building all at the same time. It’s a win-win-win!

Want to learn more about how to take care of our planet? These Earth Day books for kids are a great place to start!

How to Use These Earth Day Lego Mats

Using the Earth Day Lego mats is a fun and engaging way for kids to learn about the importance of taking care of our planet. Here are the steps to follow when using the Lego mats:

Grab the printable: First, you will need to purchase the Earth Day Lego mats from our shop or join our membership for full access to all of our printables.

Print out the building block mats: Once you have the mats, you will need to print them out. We recommend using high-quality cardstock paper for the best results.

Laminate or use a write and wipe pocket: You can either laminate the mats or use a write and wipe pocket to make them reusable. Laminating the mats will make them more durable and last longer, while the write and wipe packet will allow kids to use them repeatedly.

Let kids build and create: After preparing the mats, let the kids start building and creating! Encourage them to use their imaginations while using the building blocks.

Have kids write Earth Day words and tally the blocks used: The mats also include a section for kids to write Earth Day words and tally the blocks they used. This will help them learn new vocabulary and practice counting and math skills.

Educational Benefits of Earth Day Lego Mats

Using Earth Day Lego mats can have several educational benefits for young kids. Here are some of the ways that these mats can help kids learn:

Develops creativity and imagination: Building structures using Lego blocks encourages kids to use their creativity and imagination. They can create unique designs and structures using the building blocks, which helps to develop their creative thinking skills.

Enhances fine motor skills: As kids manipulate the Lego blocks to build structures, they improve their fine motor skills. This can help with other activities that require dexterity and coordination, such as writing and drawing.

Encourages problem-solving: When building with Lego blocks, kids may encounter obstacles that they need to overcome. This helps to develop their problem-solving skills as they figure out ways to work around the problem and continue building.

Teaches organization and planning: Using Lego blocks to build structures requires planning and organization. Kids must organize the blocks by size, shape, and color to build their designs. This helps to develop their organizational skills and attention to detail.

By using Earth Day Lego mats, kids can learn while having fun. These mats offer a hands-on and interactive way for kids to engage with the environment and learn about ways to take care of our planet, while also providing several developmental benefits. Building with Lego blocks has been shown to improve creativity, fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and planning and organization skills in young kids. To learn more about the developmental benefits of Lego, check out our blog post on the topic.

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