Printable Play Dough Mats: ABC (Entire Alphabet)

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I love winter. It is actually one of the few things that I miss now that I am living in the south. Of course it is only the fun stuff about winter that I miss such as sledding and snow men. I am pretty sure that the minute a shovel was handed to me I would no longer miss snow. I got my yearly dose of snow this year visiting family for the holiday.

FREE Alphabet Play Dough Mats

The kids had a blast. Yet, one of the downsides of winter are that there are just some days that are way too cold or icky to get outside. Which usually translates into the kids are going to spend the entire day terrorizing the house… For those days I have an array of special activities that we can do, but my favorite by far are our play dough mats. We love play dough mats so much I have at least an 8GB flash drive full of printable play dough mats. So you can imagine my surprise when Livia told me that she wanted ABC play dough mats and I didn't have any for those three letters… Here are the three play dough mats that I made during nap time. They were such a hit with the kids I think I am going to finish the entire alphabet.

ABC Printable Play Dough Mats:

These are great fun to play with and super easy to use. You can laminate them if you choose. Personally I use paper sleeves because after some wear and tear it is easier to replace the sleeve than reprint and laminate.

Need play dough? Swing by and check out our easy play dough recipe

If you download these I would love to hear what your kids thought of them!

Alphabet Books for Kids:

Click the affiliated photos to read a description of each book and take a peak inside. These are all available for purchase on Amazon.


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printable play dough mats printable play dough mats printable play dough mats


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