Rainbow Alphabet Match Sensory Bin

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Are you looking for a fun and interactive way to teach your child the ABC’s? Then, get ready for the Rainbow Alphabet Match Sensory Bin! This activity is designed to make learning letters a blast by combining vibrant colors, textured materials, and playful challenges.

Sensory play is a fantastic way to encourage this exploration while helping your child develop new skills. With the Rainbow Alphabet Match Sensory Bin, your child will improve their letter recognition, fine motor skills, and creativity in a way that’s both educational and fun.

How to Make a Rainbow Alphabet Match Sensory Bin

So, let’s dive into creating this sensory bin together! With rainbow dyed chickpeas, lettered rocks, and a matching printable, this activity is easy to make and can provide hours of entertainment for your little ones. Get ready to watch them learn and grow while having a blast with the Rainbow Alphabet Match Sensory Bin!

Yield: 1 Rainbow Alphabet Match Sensory Bin

Rainbow Alphabet Match Sensory Bin

Rainbow Alphabet Match Sensory Bin
Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Preschool


  • Alphabet Match Printable
  • Rainbow Dyed Chickpeas
  • 26 Natural River Rocks
  • White Paint Pen


  • Sensory Bin
  • Fine Motor Tools


  1. Dye your chickpeas. You can find our tutorial on how to dye chickpeas for sensory play here.
  2. Use a white paint pen to write the letters A-Z on the river rocks.
  3. Print out the Alphabet Match Printable. To use this printable more than once you will want to laminate it or use a write and wipe cover.
  4. Add it all into a sensory bin and then play!


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How to Use the Rainbow Alphabet Match Sensory Bin

While playing with the Rainbow ABC Match Sensory Bin, invite your child to play by matching the lettered rocks to the corresponding letter on the printable sheet. Encourage them to explore the different colors and textures of the materials as they play. This not only helps improve letter recognition but also stimulates their senses and encourages creative play.

As your child plays, you can ask questions to help them learn, such as “What letter do you see on the rock?” or “What sound does this letter make?” You can also point out the different colors and textures of the materials, helping them develop their vocabulary and descriptive language skills.

In addition to matching the lettered rocks to the printable sheet, the Rainbow Alphabet Match Sensory Bin also includes writing strips for kids to practice writing letters. After your child has matched the lettered rocks to the corresponding letters on the sheet, you can encourage them to practice writing those letters on the lines provided.

Writing the letters helps kids remember them better, which reinforces letter recognition and handwriting skills.

To make this activity more fun and engaging, you can use different colored pencils or dry erase markers for writing out each letter. For younger kids who aren’t quite forming letters on their own yet, you can use a highlighter to create the letters for them to trace. Make sure to provide guidance and encouragement as your child practices writing each letter, and celebrate their progress along the way.

When the activity is finished, be sure to collect the lettered rocks and chickpeas for reuse in future games.

Alphabet Match Sensory Bin Printable

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