Sand and Water Ocean Themed Sensory Bin

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Dive in to play with this Sand and Water Ocean Themed Sensory Bin! We absolutely love simple sensory bins around here. This small world is the perfect addition to any Ocean and Beaches Thematic Units!

Ocean Themed Sensory Bin

How to Make an Ocean Themed Sensory Bin

Supplies Needed:


1. Pour play sand on one side of the sensory table or bin/tub.

2. Mix cool water with a couple drops of blue food coloring. This will not stain hands but you may want to put them in play clothes to prevent their clothes from possibly staining.

3. Slowly pour the water on the other side of the sensory table or bin/tub. It’s very important that you do this step slowly to prevent the sand and water mixing and becoming mud.

4. Add plastic ocean animal toys to the water. Add seashells and pieces of driftwood to the sand.

Teaching Ideas for the Ocean Themed Sensory Bin

Sensory bins are a fantastic free choice center activity that allows kids to come and go as they please.

As kids explore this small world they have opportunities to work on social skills (sharing, taking turns, playing with others), language (both expressive and receptive), fine motor, as well as some science/math concepts such as classification, sorting, cause/effect, and so much more.

Some questions you might want to ask your child are:

Which animals live on the beach? Which animals live on the water?

Can this animal breathe under water?

How many ____ do you have?

Can you count ____?

Which animal is bigger/smaller?

What does _____ eat?

Have fun!

Don’t forget to pin this post to easily find it once you are ready to throw together this sensory bin for your child or classroom!

Ocean Themed Sensory Bin

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