Self-Care for the Highly Sensitive Mom

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Life is loud. It’s high definition, surround sound, full blasting beauty. It is chaos.

Life with kids is that amplified to the highest setting.

For those of us that are introverts living in this extroverted world, that can be draining. When you are sensitive to every detail of your environment, from physical aspects such as scents and sounds to emotional aspects, excess background noise can become overwhelming very quickly. Because of this, self-care is especially important to help you stay at your best.

Self-Care for the Introverted Mom

Self-Care Tips for the Introverted Mom

1. Slow Down

We live in a very fast-paced world. A busy life on the go is glorified. And while some can flourish in that type of environment, if that is not you, don’t feel like it has to be. It’s ok to slow down. It’s ok to live a slow life. Pick and choose what you consider important for your daily life, be mindful of what is overwhelming to you, and eliminate the excess intentionally.

2. Minimize Your Environment

This goes hand in hand with slowing down. When you are intentional in creating your living environment, your environment will eventually become your oasis. It is very easy to get caught in the cycle of clutter attracting clutter – living in this perpetual state of cleaning. That type of environment can be very stressful. The simplest way to break that cycle is to get rid of the excess stuff.We are in the process of doing this right now (and have been for the last year). It’s not a snap your fingers overnight easy solution, but it is one that will make a drastic impact in your daily life.

3. Meditate

For me personally, daily meditation has been a huge help. It is something simple that can be done daily to connect. When it comes to daily meditation you don’t need a huge chunk of time. Even if you can only make five minutes for yourself, taking that time to check in with yourself is vital. If meditation is new to you, start small and reasonable. It’s really easy to say – “I’m gonna meditate 30 minutes a day!” and then by day three be burned out and quit. I’ve been there, done that. Instead, start small and build. Be mindful of the fact that it takes 21 days to build a habit. Currently, my favorite free app for guided meditations is the Insight Timer – they have something for everyone.

4. Monitor Phone Use

While instant access to the world and information is a wonderful thing, keeping our fingers scrolling through Facebook and emails all day long can get overwhelming very quickly. My best days are the days that I limit my phone use and focus on connecting off screen.

5. Journal

Journaling is a fantastic way to purge without judgement. When I journal I sit down with a pen and paper and just let everything pour out. When I started journaling the hardest thing for me to realize was that a journal in this sense is not a diary. This is a place where you should spill out unfiltered thoughts. A mind dump. For myself, when I viewed that as a diary, as something I would return to read, I struggled with allowing myself the freedom of being unfiltered. Be unfiltered and let it go.

6. Create Routines

The key to having your days run smoothly is routines. For the longest time, I hated routines, I felt like they took the spontaneity out of life. The truth is though, routines are the sanity of life. Below are some of my routines – to help inspire you in creating your own.


  • Wake up before kids, start coffee. Enjoy a cup…or a pot.
  • If the kids aren’t up yet, hop in the shower. If they are, make breakfast then shower.
  • Once kids are all up and moving for the day (after breakfast), throw them in the tub. For my kids, this is more of a playtime with bathtoys, bubbles, glowsticks, etc. While they bathe get ready for the day in the bathroom with them.
    • Your morning beauty routine does not need to be complicated. Mine is – Jouviance Restructiv Coactiv Anti-Aging Formula Cream and Jouviance Restructiv Collagen Boost to help maintain and hydrate my face. Sunscreen. Natural makeup. Hair.


This is usually when I work, so our only big routine for this time is a midday quiet time. We stick to easy to prepare lunches, and then once baby is down for nap the older kids go off with their quiet time activity for the day.


  • Dinner in our home is something the entire family helps with. While dinner cooks we do quick spot cleans around the living room and kitchen. Then we all sit down to eat together.
  • After dinner, we usually do some sort of family activity like walk the dogs or watch a movie.
  • Once done, we start showers and work as a family to do a quick clean up around the house. Then kids go to bed.
  • Once my kids are in bed, this is when I journal and meditate.
  • Then before my head hits the pillow I run through a quick bedtime beauty routine to help keep myself healthy.
    • Bedtime Beauty Routine – stretch/yoga. Remove Makeup. Apply Restructiv Coactiv Anti-Aging Formula Cream and Jouviance Restructiv Collagen Boost to care for my skin. Brush teeth. Turn on white noise machine and sleep =)

About Joviance

I recently had the opportunity to try out two Jouviance products and share my thoughts on one of the fastest growing dermo-cosmetics brands from Canada found exclusively at CVS. As I gave this product a try, it inspired this post. There are not many things that I make time to do for myself daily. I fall into that mom trap of always taking care of others first. And especially when it comes to beauty routines, anything that is too complicated is instantly pushed off.

Both the Jouviance Restructiv Coactiv Anti-Aging Formula Cream and Jouviance Restructiv Collagen Boost were so simple to implement. Within two weeks, I saw results that helped cut back my morning routine time and boost my confidence.

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