Shaving Cream Polar Bear Craft

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Earlier today I made a batch of Shaving Cream Puffy Paint just to be able to do this shaving cream polar bear craft. This week…or more like month…we are learning about polar animals. Ideally I would like things a tad more organized in how we go about topics, but I let Livia lead. Every month I set out goals of what we should cover. When it comes down to what we do that day though, I let her follow whatever is interesting her.  Today when she got home from school we had a very long talk about friendship. The stereotype that children with Autism have no desire for social skills is something I can tell you first hand is not true. Most of the kids in my life who were on the spectrum wanted nothing more than to have those friendships. Livia desires friendship to the extent that she is pushy. Often she tries to force people to be her friend and will have outburst when they do not “comply”… After discussing friendship and reading one of our favorite books, Livia decided that it was time to make a Polar Bear craft. 

shaving cream polar bear craft I LOVE how friendly looking he is! How could anyone resist a smile like that? The great thing about crafts like this is that they are easy and really open ended. It would take no time at all to make up a handful of circles and play a game of “What is Polar Bear Feeling”. Cut up various facial expressions and kids would have a blast while getting some sensory time in!

shaving cream polar bear craft Sorry for the white on white. I wasn’t thinking when I took this photo….

All you need to cut for this craft is 1 circle, 2 semi circles, the polar bears nose, and any other facial expressions you would want to use. 

Shaving Cream Polar Bear Craft:

Shaving Cream Polar Bear

Shaving Cream Polar Bear

Everyone needs a friend. This loveable polar bear craft goes great with The Lonesome Polar Bear by. Jane Cabrera


  • 2 Pieces of White Construction Paper
  • 1 Piece Black Construction Paper
  • 2 Large Googly Eyes
  • Paint Brush
  • Glue
  • Shaving Cream Puffy Pain


  1. Cut out a circle and two semi circles from the white construction paper.
  2. Cut out the Polar Bear's nose and facial expression from the black construction paper.
  3. Paint the Polar Bear's face with the Shaving Cream Puffy Paint.
  4. Add the facial expressions and googly eyes.
  5. Let dry and then glue the ears on the back of the circle.


Craft items provided by Oriental Trading:

Adapted from Oriental Trading

Nutrition Information:

Serving Size:

1 grams

Amount Per Serving: Unsaturated Fat: 0g

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A Book for the Craft:

One of our all time favorite books to read when Livia gets into her friendship funk is The Lonesome Polar Bear by.Jane Cabrera.

shaving cream polar bear craft, the lonesome polar bear Jane Cabrera

When things don’t go Livia’s way in friendships she disappears into a world full of imagination. There she has a best friend named Mira (who comes out of the mirror). One of the things I love about this book is that it addresses the differences between imaginary friends and real friends. This is done in a gentle way with beautiful illustrations. There is also a level of repetition to the book in that you can sequence the snow friends.

What are some books that you use to teach friendship to your kids?

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