Ocean Pollution Clean Up Science Activity

Ocean Pollution Science Activity for Kids

Help kids explore the importance of ocean pollution with this clean up sensory science activity! Ocean Pollution Science Activity for Kids Supplies: Printable Ocean Pollution Science Packet Sensory Table or Large Plastic Bin/Tub Water Plastic Ocean Animals (we used these ones) Seashells Plastic Toy Boat Cocoa Powder Vegetable Oil Plastic Bags Coffee Grounds Sponge Cotton … Read more

Pokemon Sensory Bottle

Create your own Pokémon sensory bottles for fun way to calm down for kids. These would even be great for I-Spy!

Do you have littles who are huge Pokémon fans? I know our household is enjoying the Pokémon craze going on. We love our Pokémon sensory calming bottle! These calming bottles are not only a hit for Pokémon fans, but they’re super easy to make! I even have my kids do it with no problem. They … Read more

Water Bead Sensory Bottles

Water Bead Sensory Bottle

When it comes to sensory play, water beads are probably one of my kid’s favorites. It is amazing to watch just how creative they can get with them, and this sensory material is absolutely versatile. My kids have frozen water beads, added them to shaving cream, made them into slime, and so much more. Recently, … Read more