Unplugged Coding Zoo Animal Block Code Pathways for Kids

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Welcome to the Unplugged Coding Zoo! In this unplugged coding game, kids will mix animal brain breaks with block code concepts to create fun and educational block code pathways for them to act out while executing their code!

Zoo Animal Block Code Pathways Printable

This unplugged coding activity uses paper squares to represent code blocks. Each square has a command (or action) for kids to follow. The blocks included in this printable packet teach basic commands such as “move forward” and “turn left” as well as some fun brain break commands such as “stomp like an elephant”!

This unplugged coding game is perfect for kids who are just starting out in coding.

Materials Needed to Play:

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What are Unplugged Coding Activities?

Unplugged coding activities are a great way for kids to learn about coding without using a computer. These activities help kids understand the basics of coding through play by using everyday objects to represent code blocks.

How Do You Teach Unplugged Coding?

There are many ways to teach unplugged coding. For young kids concepts of coding start with sequencing activities. From there you can build to different activities such as mystery pictures, visual recipes, crack the code writing (such as these free decoding activities), and direction following activities such as this build and walk pathway.

When starting to teach coding to young learners you are starting at the point of teaching that each action has a reaction and that events happen in a sequence.

What is Block Coding?

Block coding is a type of visual programming language that uses drag and drop blocks to teach kids coding concepts. Each block represents a chunk of instructions that tells their creation what to do. Block coding is simple and easy to learn, making it perfect for kids who are just starting out in coding. There are many different types of block coding languages, but the most popular is Scratch.

How to Play Zoo Block Code Pathways:

To play this unplugged coding game, print out the pathway cards and laminate them. I would highly suggest using heavy cardstock when printing so they can holdup to being stomped on 😉

Prior to letting kids loose to play, establish some ground rules (like don’t run like a cheetah out of the room) and discuss some of the basic commands kids will see in this packet.

Then let kids build their own pathways and test out their creations! There is no right or wrong way to experiment with their codes and kids will discover any “broken” parts of their codes as they walk their pathways. Kids can play this individually or in groups where one team builds out the pathway and then the other team walks the pathway.

Printable Unplugged Coding Zoo Pathways

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