Visual Task Chore Cards Printable

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Help your child gain confidence in their ability to finish chores while helping keep them on track with this Visual Task Chore Cards Printable Packet.

Using a visual schedule is a fantastic way to help your child organize their thoughts while developing a routine.

Visual Chore Steps Printable

Visual Chore Printable

In our home we have two 11 year old girls – one who is autistic and one who has anxiety. When it comes to chores, both of our girls have the same expectations with different challenges.

While the girls usually put in their best efforts when it comes to chores, I have often found myself having to remind them of the next steps, keep them on task, and help them through meltdowns when they felt confused.

We needed a solution.

One of our big parenting beliefs is to adapt the environment to help the child be successful.

For example, one of our girls also has ADHD with an addiction to electronics. If there is a computer around her, she does not have the impulse control to stay on task. Instead, she will walk over and pick it up to play. Part of our adapting the environment for us means removing electronic devices like that from where they can cause a temptation and only letting them out when it is an appropriate time for computers.

Visual schedules such as these task cards are also a fantastic way to adapt your child’s environment to encourage their success.

However, visual aides are a supplement. In order to see success with these chore cards you will also need to evaluate your home for other factors that may be impacting your child’s success.

What’s Included in the Visual Task Chore Cards Packet?

This ten page packet is sized to fit a standard pocket chart. You could also laminate these cards and secure them to the wall using velcro.

This packet is aimed at the older child. It includes chores like laundry, dishes, taking the garbage out, feeding pets, and cleaning their rooms. Within the packet there are some cards that would work for younger children such as a shower and morning routine. At the end of the packet we included random variations of the chores so that you can mix and match the cards to fit your personal needs.

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