Water Gun Squirt Painting – Outdoor Process Art Fun!

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Summer is coming to an end and kids are gearing up to head back to school. With only a couple more days before my kids head off to another busy year, we are getting outside to make the most of the sun while it’s here…we gotta soak it up while we can because winter is absolutely brutal here.

This Squirt Gun Painting is a fun process art activity for kids that is perfect for playing outside. Activities such as this are what summer memories are made of!

Squirt Gun Process Art Painting

Squirt Gun Process Art Painting for Kids

Y’all this activity is messy.

Without fail every time we pull out our squirt guns and scented chalk paint the kids end up spraying each other. No worries though, it’s washable. Just wear play clothes…or maybe even throw the kids in a white shirt and “tie dye” each other!

Supplies Needed:

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1. Add the chalk paint to small bowls. You can also use tempera paint if desired. If you do so, you will need to water it down.

2. Place the canvas against something sturdy. If using tempera paint, place a tarp down as it may not wash away as well as a chalk paint would.

3. Invite your little ones to suck up paint colors with the water blasters and shoot the paint onto the canvas.

4. When they are finished, gently place the canvas flat in the sun to dry.

Easy peasy fun!

These squirt gun paintings turn into some beautiful abstract paintings. We framed ours and hot glued a chip clip on to the middle top of ours for the kids to display their artistic creations on!

Want More Process Art Fun?

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Squirt Gun Process Art Painting

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