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Taste Safe Moon Sand Recipe

How to Make Moon Sand: Make this taste safe homemade moon sand with this easy recipe for a fantastic sensory play experience for kids, using just 3 simple ingredients!

Taste Safe Moon Sand Recipe

Easy sensory ideas are by far one of my family’s favorite go-to activities. From sensory bins to easy sensory recipes we absolutely adore it all! For awhile now Livia has been wanting to give making moon sand a try, but every recipe I was finding online either called for baby oil or powdered tempera paint and quite honestly we didn’t have either of those items in our cabinets and they never really made the shopping list…so this project was continually put off.

And then one day we had a choice of moving an open 5lb bag of flour with us or figuring out what to do with it. So this experiment began. This moon sand recipe is made of three very common household items, is taste-safe, and turned out absolutely vibrant!

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How to Prepare Your Child for a Major Life Change

How to Prepare Your Child for Major Life Changes

When I had kids the first thing my mom told me was that kids need routine and predictability. Oh boy was she right! They behave better when they know what is happening, what is coming up next, and they understand what is expected of them.

But what about when everything changes? When their routines are altered?

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