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DIY Paint Chip Puzzles for Kids

DIY Paint Chip Puzzles for Kids: Making puzzles for your kids just got easier (and cheaper) because all you need are some free paint chips and scissors!

DIY Paint Chip Puzzles

Recently we decided to get a little crazy and do a super long road trip with the kids up to Salt Lake City, Utah. We got even more crazy and decided to relocate there…but, that story will be for a later time once life quiets down here a bit. Anyways, being that we were going to spend a good 22 hours in one vehicle with rowdy children we went on a massive hunt for simple and quiet activities that they could easily do in the car. This busy bag was by far one of the quickest to put together and one of their favorites to play with. Plus it was FREE!

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How to Naturally Get Crayon OFF the Walls

How to Get Crayon Off the Wall

How to Naturally Get Crayon Off the Wall: Here’s a simple way to remove crayon from a painted wall that requires hardly any elbow grease. You won’t believe how simple this is!

All Natural Laundry Soap

How to Make All Natural Laundry Soap

Homemade Laundry Detergent: Soap nuts are a simple and effective way to clean your laundry without harsh chemicals. If you have been looking for a simple homemade laundry soap recipe that doesn’t use borax then this is something that you must try!

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