Juice Box Planters: Gardening with Kids

juice box planters

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juice box planters

One of our favorite family activities is gardening with Grandma (or in my kids case great-grandma). It is something both kids have an absolute blast with…and who wouldn’t? Digging in dirt and splashing around in water? Yes Please! 

During our last visit we worked on rooting cactus cuttings (the non-prickly type of cactus). My grandma loves to garden to the point that she has a green house filled with gorgeous plants in amazing planters. Of course to a six year old the green house is absolute magic that she must have. So when my grandma pulled out those boring plastic starter cups a certain princess was not too happy. She wanted more than anything to have that magic and beauty for herself. So we found a happy medium – disposable planters that she could design to her hearts content! 

These juice box planters are extremely easy, take seconds to do, and are very easy to use once it comes time to transplant the plant into a larger container. 

Items Needed for Juice Box Planters:

  • Juice Boxes
  • Modge Podge or Glue
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Crayons/Paints/Decorations
  • Paint Brush

To do this craft I went out and got two products: Crayola My First Egg Shaped Crayons and a package of Juicy Juice. Right now Juicy Juice packs have Crayola coupons inside them and being a Crayola lover how could I resist?

juice box planters

My kids could live off of Juicy Juice’s Juice if I let them so the first step was super easy for us – get some empty juice boxes and cut the tops off of them.

juice box planters

Then you coat the juice boxes in a good layer of Mod Podge.

juice box planters

And wrap them in a plain paper.

juice box planters

The bottom part is slightly tricky for little kids, but not too difficult. You are going to want to fold the bottom of the paper like an envelope (or like wrapping a present). Press sides in and glue down.

juice box planters

Fold the top and bottom in and also glue those down.

juice box planters

Allow to dry and you have a blank planter ready to be decorated!

juice box planters

Crayons were perfect for this project because they don’t rip up the paper like markers or paints might do if your glue is not entirely dry by the time your kids get their hands on it. My kids were drawing on theirs seconds after wrapping it up.

juice box planters

I LOVE the way they turned out! They look absolutely awesome on our craft shelf! Once yours kids are done decorating all that needs to be done is to fill the container up with dirt, plant your cutting, and add a bit of water.

juice box planters

In a couple of weeks your plant will have roots and will be ready to be transplanted! When it comes time to move containers all you have to do is take a pair of scissors and cut the box away! Also should note- if you want the plant to drain you will need to punch some holes in your juice box. Juice boxes are designed to hold liquid so will not drain unless you do so. However, as long as you only add a tiny amount of water each time you water your plant, it should be safe from drowning/rotting.

A Book for the Craft:

Joosh’s Juice Bar: The Blue Banana Berry Adventure by. Josh Gottsegen

juice box planter
I received this product for the purpose of this review

Set in a Rain forest this fun book about a juice bar teaches kids to eat healthy. As I read this story, multiple times, each reading was filled with laughter as my kids explored and asked questions as to why the characters were glowing blue…and would they be able to fix it? My kids absolutely loved this book and it’s vibrant illustrations, and the rhymes are great for teaching.

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