Letting Your Kids Paint with Your Mother’s Day Flowers!

paint with flowers

I received this product for the purpose of this review.

paint with flowers

Recently I got these amazing flowers from Bouqs.com. After they had sat on my mantle for a couple of weeks we decided that they were perfect to let the kids paint with flowers

Stunning right? These gorgeous flowers are grown on the side of an active volcano in Ecuador and start around $40.00 in price with free shipping anywhere in the US. I was incredibly impressed with them- easy set up and long lasting.

After about three weeks of beautiful flowers sitting on my table the petals started to fall off. They probably would have lasted longer, but there was a particular two year old who found them very intriguing. After a couple instances where he decided to play “Love Me, Love Me Not” the flowers had reached their lifespan and were ready to be re-purposed.

Instead of throwing my Bouqs Flowers out we opted to use them in our science journals and in an art project.

paint with flowers

To do this all you will need is paint, paper, and your flowers. Let your kids make a mess and explore all the different textures and sensations. In doing this activity they are learning about the world around them, cause and effect, and even working on language development.

My little man actually sat still for an hour splattering, smushing, and smearing…which anything more than ten minutes is a miracle with that kid!

paint with flowers

Once he was done I set all the papers aside, let them dry, and then cut them into flowers. Now I have a bouquet of flowers that will last me a life time made from real flowers that I got to enjoy for weeks. It doesn’t get much better than that 😉

paint with flowers

Have you ever let you kids paint with flowers?


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