Spidey Sense Slime

Amazing Spidey Sense Slime!

I wanted to make some Halloween slime this week and took Meatball with me to pick the supplies. He was admant about using red glue for the project and at the time I was oblivious as to why. With his language not fully in yet sometimes I just have to go with the flow. It wasn’t until he ran upstairs to put on a Spiderman shirt, mask, and socks to make this slime that I put it together. We weren’t making Halloween Spider Slime, we were making Spiderman Slime.

Amazing Spidey Sense Slime!

When is comes to superheros my son is obsessed with Spiderman. It’s an unwavering love. And I gotta give it to him, this slime is super fun!

Items Needed for Spiderman Slime

  • Liquid Starch (buy here)
  • Red Elmer’s Glitter Glue (buy here)
  • Plastic Spiders (buy here)
  • Bowl and Spoon

Amazing Spidey Sense Slime!

When picking up products the best glitter glue that will easily work for this is Elmer’s. Other brands tend to crumble or remain way too sticky. Every now and then I will pick up an off brand for slime and it takes me way longer to get the right consistency. So, it is possible, but not suggested.

How to Make Spidey Sense Slime

The first thing you are going to do is pour all of your glitter glue into your bowl.

Amazing Spidey Sense Slime!

Add in your liquid starch. If you are using an off brand add in one tablespoon at a time and stir until it is the right consistency. If you are using Elmer’s just pour some in.

Amazing Spidey Sense Slime!

Stir and pour out excess.

Amazing Spidey Sense Slime!

Add in the spiders and squish it all together real good!

Amazing Spidey Sense Slime!

And then PLAY!

Ya’ll this was a blast! Meatball played this for at least an hour, which was long enough for Roo to get in a nap!

Amazing Spidey Sense Slime!

Adding in the spiders gave him a fantastic fine motor challenge as he untangled them from their red webs. I think we just might make another batch of this to hand out for our Teal Pumpkin Project Treats!

Let kids explore their spidey senses with this Amazing Spiderman Slime!

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