Summer Pool Bag Essentials

summer pool bag essentials

Before you head to the pool or beach with kids, make sure you have all of these beach bag essentials!

summer pool bag essentials

As far as I am concerned, the pool {or beach} is a perfect acceptable place to spend your entire summer.

We basically live in our swimsuits for the entire summer…how else can one survive the Texas heat?

I am loving our rash guard from RuffleButts. It has been an awesome solution for additional {much needed} sun coverage…did I mention how cute it is?

Swimsuits aside, there are a handful of other essentials I keep in our go-n-play bag so that no matter what we are ready for the pool- or a newly discovered creek begging to be crawled.

Summer Pool Bag Essentials:

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summer pool bag essentials
Coppertone Water Babies SPF 50

We do not even think about going outside with soaking ourselves in sunscreen. When it comes to sunscreen Coppertone is the brand I tend to grab most often. I love how easy it is to spray on, how gentle it is on skin, and how well it really works.

Summer Pool Bag Essentials
Huggies Little Swimmers

When it comes to swim diapers the only brand I will trust is Huggies. I love trying out new diapers especially since my son has extremely sensitive skin and well…disposable diapers are a bit on the spendy side. But, when it comes to swim diapers I stick to what I know will do what it is suppose to do.


summer pool bag essentials
Slammer Snacks

Healthy snacks for my kids are always important to me, but when spending a day out in the sun it is even more so important. Snacks that are designed for on the go and packed with super foods are a definite must!

Also in the bag:

Gatorade | Water | Protein Bars

Water Toys:

summer pool bag essentials
Splash Cards

I absolutely love simple swim toys. Splash Cards have quickly become a family favorite. My kids love the endless options for play; I love the learning!

Also in the bag:

Goggles | Water Wings | Diving Sticks

First Aid:

summer pool bag essentials
Me4Kidz MediBuddy

Let’s face it, accidents happen…especially with kids! The MediBuddy by Me4Kidz has been perfect for our go-n-play bags because not only do they hold everything that you might need for basic falls and scrapes, it comes in a carry anywhere case that easily fits into our bag and is water proof {it has gone for a swim more than once}.

summer pool bag essentials
Seventh Generation Free and Clear Baby Wipes

My little guy has extremely sensitive skin. When it comes to wipes {especially in the summer months} I need a solution for him that is alcohol free. With the heat and chlorine, I really do not want to expose his sensitive skin to unnecessary chemicals. Because of this I really love and always carry a pack of these in our go-n-play pool bag. An added bonus: these wipes are super thick and durable- one to two wipes does the job!

summer pool bag essentials
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Pack these summer pool essentials once {refill items as needed} and keep it somewhere you will have easy access to. Our go-n-play bags hang out in the trunk of my car. This easy to put together back will simplify your summer and have your family ready to make a splash wherever you go!

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