Printable Human Body Playdough Mats

These printable human body playdough mats are a wonderful learning tool in teaching body systems as well as the different organs our bodies have to work properly! Human Body Systems for Kids This science activity is a helpful introduction to learning the various human body systems to preschoolers and kindergartners. It’s okay if they don’t … Read more

Witches Brew Science Experiment

Witches Brew Science Experiment for Kids

Explore chemical reactions in this fun Witches Brew Science Experiment! Kids will have a blast creating their own potions while learning how to compare and contrast the reactions of different materials. This witches brew science experiment can easily be a fun stand alone sensory activity that can very easily be adapted into a science experiment. … Read more

Investigating Sunflowers Fine Motor Activity

Investigating Sunflowers in Preschool Fine Motor Sensory Bin

Encourage kids to learn about the parts of a sunflower with this simple and engaging Investigating Sunflowers Fine Motor Tray! Every year without fail we plant a garden that the kids help with from start to finish. This year my rambunctious toddler was all to eager to help. As the garden began to grow we … Read more

Hatching Fizzy Dinosaur Eggs

Hatching Fizzy Dinosaur Eggs

Explore chemical reactions in this Hatching Fizzy Dinosaur Eggs Sensory Science Bin! My kids love everything fizzy! It doesn’t matter how many times we do a fizzy science experiment or make bath bombs, they find it absolutely magical! In the past we have made exploding dinosaur mud which was a lot of fun, but for … Read more