Crawling Colors! A FUN Science Experiment in Color Mixing

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Basic color theory for kids with this amazingly fun color mixing science experiment – Crawling Colors!

Crawling Colors! A FUN Color Mixing Science Experiment for Young Kids

Lately Meatball has been all about his colors. He is so proud of himself that he knows his colors and gets beyond excited to show anyone who will engage him in “what’s the color Q&A”. Livia on the other hand is all about her color mixing right now. She is really curious about how many colors it might take to get tertiary colors. For the most part she has got her primary and secondary colors down -giving her the freedom to be the “teacher” with this activity which she thought was a blast!

Items Needed for Crawling Colors! Color Mixing Science Experiment:

  • 5 Clear Containers
  • Primary Color Food Dye (Red, Yellow, Blue) or Washable Watercolors
  • Paper Towels
  • Water

How to Set Up Crawling Colors:

To do this science experiment you will need five clear glasses, three filled with water and two empty. In the three glasses that contain water you will add in the primary colors leaving the empty glasses between them ROYGBIV style.

Add in as many drops of red food dye as your child desires!

Squeeze in the Yellow!

Drop in some blue!

Adding in the food dye is a huge part of the fun for this science experiment so don’t be afraid to hand the bottle over and let your kid at it. As an added bonus the squeezing is awesome for strengthening those fine motor skills! If you are worried about the food dye staining {and YES it most definitely will with this activity} substitute the food dye for a washable water color.

Once all your primary colors are added, it is time to set up the towels for the colors to crawl across! To do this you will roll up a paper towel and take an edge to go into each cup (one primary and one empty/clear).

Keep adding in paper towels between the cups until you have made a crawling caterpillar.

Watch the Colors Crawl!

Color Mixing Science Experiment for Preschoolers: Making Secondary Colors with Food Dye and Paper Towels

Leave the jars to sit and watch the colors crawl…or dig your fingers in and play in the water as the colors transfer!

Crawling Colors! Color Mixing Science Experiment for Preschoolers- Make the Rainbow

The end result is a gorgeously vibrant rainbow that your kiddos will be proud to have created!

For ideas on how to turn this observation into a science experiment check out our printable packet with worksheets included 🙂

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