Conversation Hearts Fine Motor Color Sorting

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Candy games are some of Meatball’s favorites. It seriously can’t get much better — candy and playing {plus learning}! With minimal set up conversation hearts color sorting is a quick and easy fine motor activity that is a perfect addition to any Valentine’s Day learning!

Conversation Hearts Fine Motor Color Sorting Activity
At first I thought of making it a slightly complex game with rules, but then that went out the window. Simplicity is really my specialty because I’m not loaded with time, and I know that neither are you.

Materials Needed for Conversation Hearts Color Sorting:

Conversation Hearts Color Sorting Set-Up:

Set up for this fine motor activity is super simple. All I did was provide my super busy toddler with the basic supplies. We started by exploring the textures, talking about the colors of the hearts, and counting how many there were of each. 

Conversations Hearts Fine Motor Color Sorting Activity: Exploring Textures

As soon as Meatball had gotten the concept of what to do down I stepped back and let him play. Once he was ready to add in the fine motor tweezers I did have to step back in to show him how to work the tweezers {or as he calls them squeezers}.

Conversation Hearts Fine Motor Skills Color Sorting: Learning to Use Tweezers

Picking up the hearts directly from the table was a tad difficult for him, but he quickly discovered how to use both hands to make it a bit easier. It was so neat to watch him work his way through trial and error to find what worked for him!

Conversation Hearts Fine Motor Color Sorting: Discovering How to Pick Up Items

Once he got it there was no stopping him!

Conversation Hearts Fine Motor Color Sorting Dropping Hearts into Sorting Tray

Meatball had an absolute blast working on his color sorting {and eating candy}. This activity kept him busy for a good half hour as he filled the tray, dumped it all out, and filled it again! This is a great game for independent work – fine motor play and math learning that your kiddo will love!

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