65 Creative Christmas Card Themes

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When it comes to Holiday cards I am horrible…absolutely horrible about procrastinating. I am almost positive that I have not gotten one out to family and friends before the New Years since the kids have been born. Horrible yes? This year, with the Holidays right around the corner I have promised myself that I will get a jump start on this before Christmas gets here and I forget. 

Christmas Card Themes

My absolutely favorite style of Christmas cards to send and receive are photo cards that tell a story. Every year it brings so much joy to our mantle to display the cards we have received that not only display the faces of all our loved ones, but also so their unique personality!

Below you will find 50 amazing ideas for creating your own family Christmas photo cards. And the best part? You don’t need to hire a professional photographer to make these special! In fact the BEST photo cards include spontaneous photos that displays your family’s personality!!

1. Silent Night:

A string of Christmas lights around the kids and some duct tape (via photo editing) makes for one Silent Night 😉

Silent Night Christmas Card Theme

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2. Merry Kissmas:

Pull out the mistletoe, slap on some lipstick and pucker up to wish friends and family and Merry “Kiss”mas!

Merry KissMas Christmas Card Theme

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3. Christmas Wishes and Candy Cane Kisses:

Form an simple heart using candy canes!

Candy Cane Kisses Christmas Theme

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4. Mistle Toes:

Wish your family and friends a wonderful holiday right down to their “mistle” toes!

Mistle Toes Christmas Card Theme

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5. Dear Santa, We Can Explain…

Feeling a little naughty? Create your own family line up!

Dear Santa Christmas Card Theme

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6. Warm Holiday Wishes:

Take your family holiday photo at the beach and share the warmth!

Share the Warmth Christmas Card Theme

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7. Wishing You A Picture Perfect Holiday:

Use an empty photo frame to wish all your loved one’s a picture perfect Christmas!

Picture Perfect Christmas Card Theme

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8. Let it Snow:

Share those dreams for a white Christmas by using a fresh sheet of snow to provide the perfect bright white background that will make your holiday pictures pop!

Let It Snow Christmas Card Theme

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9. Nestled All Snug in Their Beds:

‘Twas the Night before Christmas…an absolute favorite Christmas favorite here. Snap a shot of your children peacefully sleeping and spread some holiday tradition with this fun play on a classic!

Twas' The Night Before Christmas, Christmas Card Theme

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10. It’s A Wonderful Life:

Recreate the cover of the classical Christmas movie “It’s A Wonderful Life” –OR just use the phrase to caption a favorite family photo!

It's A Wonderful Life Christmas Card Theme

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11. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus: 

Dress Dad up as Santa to create this adorably clever holiday card!

Mommy Kissing Santa Christmas Card Theme

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12. Laughing All The Way:

Spread Holiday cheer using any photo you may have of your family laughing together!

Laughing All The Way Christmas Card Theme

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13. Dashing Through the Snow:

Snap a picture of your family playing in the snow! 

Dashing Through the Snow Christmas Card Theme

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14. JOY to the World:

Use letters as props to spread some joy to the world — or let your kids have some fun spelling joy out using their bodies!

Joy to the World Christmas Card Theme

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15. Merry and Bright:

Strings of Christmas lights are the perfect photo prop to wish your loved ones a merry and bright Holiday season!

Merry and Bright Christmas Card Theme

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This post was inspired by Paper Culture known for their eco-friendly Christmas and Holiday Cards.

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