Dinosaur Paper Plate Craft

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Make an easy and fun dinosaur craft with your kid! Your preschooler will have a blast exploring painting techniques while making their favorite dinosaurs!

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Paper Plate Dinosaur Craft for Preschoolers

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Supplies Needed:

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Gather your supplies.

Take a small piece of bubble wrap and dab blue paint on it. Stamp the blue painted bubble wrap onto the white large paper plate. Repeat with the green and yellow paints until the paper plate is covered. If you do not have bubble wrap easily available you can also use a sponge, Q-tips, or a plastic fork to create a fun painting texture.

Let dry. The dino body should dry fairly quickly since you are using acrylic paint.

On a green piece of construction paper, use a pencil to draw the outline of the dinosaur head with a long neck and four legs to create a brontosaurus or diplodocus. Feel free though to draw out any shapes necessary to create your own dinosaurs! To create a triceratops cut the head shape to include horns and a rostral. To create a t-rex, shorten the neck, add sharp teeth, and create two short legs and two bigger legs.

In the past we made cardboard dinosaurs that include an easy to use template that you could use as a guide to cutting out your dinosaur shapes.

Cut the paper plate in half for the body of the dinosaur. And glue the head and legs onto the plate.

Draw in a little smile and an eye on the head of the dinosaur. You can also glue on a googly eye if desired. Then put your finished dinosaur up on display!

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