Make Your Own DIY Paintbrushes for Kids!

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Kids will have a blast creating their own DIY Paintbrushes! With each creation children will be given the opportunity to discover the different textures, designs, and looks that they can achieve as they use each style of paint brush!

Fun and Easy DIY Paintbrushes to get your Kids Creating!

This week while browsing through the arts and crafts areas of bloggers that I follow I came across this adorable Fourth of July kid craft by. Crafty Morning What really caught my eye about it {besides the craft being stunningly beautiful} was her choice of paintbrush. It got me thinking, what other fun textures could we create our own DIY paintbrushes with?

Kids painting with DIY Paintbrushes- Easy Peasy Fun!

Homemade DIY Paintbrushes:


  • Clothespins
  • Scissors
  • Paint & Paper
  • Fun Items for Paintbrushes {see suggestions below}

Brush Ideas: {** indicates shown in image}


PomPoms** Cupcake Liners
Sponge** Old Credit or Gift Cards
Bubble Wrap ** Burlap
Leaves ** Crepe Paper
Foam ** Twine
Yarn ** Cosmetic Wedge
Scouring Pad Feathers
Loofah Sponge Fruit Netting
Felt Pipe Cleaner
Cotton Balls …and MUCH more!



  • Step One. Gather your materials and cut larger materials down to size. We cut strips of the fabric and foam to fold into brushes.
  • Step Two. Use the clothespins to clip in each material and make a brush.

And Viola! Your done. SUPER SIMPLE!

DIY Paintbrushes - Great Fine Motor Play for Kids!

The Importance of Playing with Textures in Early Childhood:

Problem Solving Skills: As children manipulate materials, they begin to understand how and why things happen. For example, mixing red and blue with one brush may create a purple, while with another brush it creates red and blue stripes.

Physical Development: Painting with clothes pins encourages an array of fine motor development along with hand-eye coordination. Children will grasp, squeeze, stir, and more while they create their masterpieces.

Social and Emotional Development: Art is an amazing emotional outlet. Add in textures and children get a level of sensory exploration that provides an additional emotional outlet. Also, social skills expand as children play cooperatively, negotiate, and share equipment, space, and materials.

Creative Development: This is a fabulous way to encourage children to use their imagination. Not only are they creating a piece of art, they are also creating the utensils they need to do the activity. This allows children to experiment with trial and error, develop new ideas, and find solutions to problems in a safe environment.

Dip, Drag, and Brush - DIY Paintbrushes are Great for Exploring Textures!
When it comes to sitting down and doing this activity with children, let your child lead the way. I simply put an array of textures and clothes pins on the table and let my kids come up with what they wanted to use. In some instances they chose items that were not attached to a clothes pin. They were able to learn the exact things, if not more, and it was still just as much fun! I think the next time we pull this activity out we will trying it with out with our textured paints to see what the kids come up with!


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