Environmental Print for Construction Play

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Add environmental print to your child’s construction dramatic play with these free road sign printables! We absolutely adore our traffic signs for play in our block center, and this is a fabulous way to get kids motivated to explore reading. 

Enviromental Print in the Construction Center: FREE Printable!
Environmental print is a very powerful tool in supporting emergent literacy skills. Through logos and signs children are exposed to the idea that that writing serves a purpose. Because of this children typically read environmental print first. As their understanding of print and phonetic skills necessary for reading increases, they gradually begin to read words presented separately from the logo.

Environmental print is a great way to help kids see themselves as readers!

Items Needed to Create Environmental Print Road Signs:

Items Needed for Environmental Print Road Signs

(FREE printable available at bottom of post)

How to Create Your Environmental Print Road Signs:

  1. Print out your road signs on to card stock.
  2. Cut out each sign.
  3. Glue to craft sticks.
  4. Stick craft sticks into base of choice and play!

Environmental Print Road Signs

Super easy play that kept my kiddos asking questions, imitating, and playing for at least a good hour!

Environmental Print for Block Center Free Printable

Making bumps for every BUMP traffic sign was probably their favorite!

Racing Cars in Block Center

Although racing their cars around the track was right up there! They kept on telling each other slow down reaching speed limit or slow down for school zone!

Stop Lights Environmental Print

And traffic lights magically appeared all over the place! So much fun!!!

Free Traffic Signs Printables!

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