Fall Squishy Bags

Fall Leaves Squish Bags for Kids
Leaf Squishy Bag

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Fall is such a beautiful season. Whenever I think of it, I imagine color change, cooler temperatures and the smell of sweet potato pie. Recently, I asked my nieces what their favorite part of the season was, and they both immediately answered: “Playing with leaves!” With this enthusiastic response, I decided to make a Fall-themed sensory activity.

Fall Leaves Squish Bags for Kids

Recently, my nieces and their friends have been extremely interested in anything remotely “squishy.” They search toy aisles for kid-friendly stress-balls, get excited to make slime, etc. They just love the feeling of being able to squeeze their hands into something oozy. I put together my oh-so-easy Fall Squishy Bags to offer them something new to play with. Today, I’ll show you how to make them for your very own!


The wonderful thing about squishy bags is that you can get extremely creative with its inner contents. For my Fall-themed one, I decided to focus on leaves since my nieces expressed such a liking to them.

Items Needed:

  • Artificial leaves, preferably in autumn shades
  • Scissors
  • Large freezer bag
  • A bottle of hair gel
  • Medium-sized bowl (optional)
  • Colorful duct tape (optional)

Artificial Fall Maple LeavesArtificial Fall Maple LeavesAll Purpose Duct TapeAll Purpose Duct TapeDouble Zipper Freezer Gallon BagsDouble Zipper Freezer Gallon Bags

1. If necessary, cut artificial leaves off from their stem. For one large freezer bag, you’ll need about 4 to 6 leaves.

Fall Leaves Squish Bags for Kids

2. If you don’t have anyone helping you to keep the freezer bag open, I suggest opening it up and placing it in a bowl. This will keep it standing upwards and will allow you to fill it up with easy. First, add your leaves then, add your entire bottle of hair gel.

Fall Leaves Squish Bags for Kids

3. Squeeze out the air from the bag and zip shut. I always like to seal the top of my squishy bags with decorative duct tape for extra protection.

Fall Leaves Squish Bags for Kids

4. Squish away and have fun!

Fall Leaves Squish Bags for Kids

My nieces had a great time playing with their squishy bags. I was happy to provide them with an activity that they found so satisfying to squish their hands into. We’re just getting into the fall season in my area, so this sensory play was just what we needed to welcome the beautiful season!

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Fall Leaves Squish Bags for Kids

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