How to NEVER Have “That Kid” in the Grocery Store Again

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.

I was the best mom in the entire world… Before I had kids.

Myyyyyy kids would always be well dressed and well behaved. They’d sleep great from the beginning, of course, and tantrums weren’t something I’d have to deal with.

I knew exactly how I’d handle any sort of behavior like that!

And then… I had kids.

And these kids? While they’re wonderful, they are NOT what I imagined!

Messes everywhere, a battle just to put on their dang shoes, and don’t even get me started on taking them to the grocery store!

See, I’ve got a bunch of kids. I’m that mom in the store that strangers see and say, “wow, you’ve certainly got your hands full!”.

And every. single. time. I take the kids to the store? At least one has a meltdown.

Sometimes it’s my son because he doesn’t want to be strapped in the cart, he wants to runnnnn.

Sometimes it’s my daughter because she’d rather be reading and “but mommmm, Katie’s mom lets her wait in the car!”

Sometimes it’s the baby because she would much rather be snuggled at home nursing than in a carrier bouncing around the store.

Whatever the reason, it seems I always have “that kid” at the store.

But now? I’ve decided I’m NEVER going to have that kid having a meltdown in the aisle ever again.

Kid Screaming at Grocery Store

*This post is sponsored by Walmart Online Grocery Pickup. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please see my full disclosure for details.

How to NEVER Have “That Kid” in the Grocery Store Again

Before you roll your eyes, hear me out.

Let me tell you, I’ve tried everything.

I’ve taken all the advice.

I’ve tried all the magic formulas.

No matter what, it seemed like I walked into a store and my kids went ballistic.

Never. Ever. Again.

Through my trial and error, I’ve learned the real way to avoid grocery store meltdowns, and I’m NEVER going back.

First I Tried Preparing My Kids Before Grocery Shopping

I’m sure you’ve heard this one before.

“Make sure you prepare the kids ahead of time to make shopping easier with them”

Okay, in theory? Great idea.

In reality?

I tried my best. I made sure the kids were totally ready.

They were dressed, given snacks (no one likes to shop hungry!) and were ready to go.

Then, in the spirit of “preparing” them, I started telling them what we were going to do and what to expect.

“We’re going to go to Walmart. It won’t take long, I promise. While we’re in there, Roo, you’ll be in the cart. The baby will be in the carrier. Yes, Liv, you do have to come in with us…”

What exactly did my pre-store pep talk achieve?

The meltdowns just started in the car.

I Tried Several In-Store Strategies

So then I thought, okay. Plan B.

I’ll tackle the issue head-on and be prepared with some in-store strategies.

I tried making sure all the kids had snacks while we were shopping.

I tried letting the kids have screen time while shopping.

I even tried telling them they’d get a candy at checkout if they behaved.

Nothing helped. Not. One. Thing.

The Real Reason Kids Meltdown at the Store

That’s when I realized the real reason kids meltdown at the store.

See, as adults, we don’t particularly love shopping. It’s an errand. A chore.

But we know it only takes a little while, and we have to do it or we’d have no food. So we head to the store.

But kids?

Kids don’t have the same thought processes that adults do.

One major difference is that kids don’t process the idea of time the way that we do.

To them if they’re in the grocery store, they will be there for HOURS.

Even if you’re doing a 10 minute trip, they don’t really understand what that means.

So when you’re trying to drag them to an activity (like the store) that they dislike, plus they have no idea how long you’ll be there, they get overwhelmed and start to meltdown.

Every. Single. Time.

Once I understood why my kids were melting down at the store, I realized quickly the one thing I had to do.

How to NEVER Be the Mom of “That Kid” Again

I did a little late-night googling, as all moms tend to do, and I found the perfect solution.

Walmart Online Grocery Pickup.

I was amazed.

Have you heard about this?!

You can go online and order all of your groceries for the week. A Walmart personal shopper picks it all out and bags it for you. Then, wait for it…

They bring it to your car and load it for you too!

You don’t even have to get out of the driver seat. And even better, you don’t have to get the kids out of the car at all!

I could not believe that this was available and I immediately texted all my mom-friends.

If you dread going grocery shopping and want a ridiculously simple way to avoid the meltdown, try Walmart Online Grocery Pickup. It will save your sanity!

First-time users can even use the code WOWFRESH for $10 off their first order!

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Kid Screaming at Grocery Store

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