Bubble Songs to Get Kids Moving

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Bubbles are by far an affordable favorite to add to a preschool circle time routine. I know when I was teaching, turning the bubble machine on was an instant way to get kids up, moving, and engaged in the circle time activities. On their own, bubbles also make a pretty awesome unit study too!

Bubble Songs for Preschool Circle Time

When it comes to finding kids music, my favorite place to search is YouTube. Not only is YouTube a great free resource, but it is also available on all of our electronics. In the classroom, I used to just make a playlist, plug my phone into the stereo, and viola – our circle time songs were ready to go. At home with my kids, we pull up YouTube on the TV or computer and play music that way.

When it came to bubble songs, though, I had a really hard time finding age appropriate music! I just kinda assumed that bubble songs for preschoolers would be a thing…but, on YouTube it isn’t much of a thing. Embedded below you will find 10 age appropriate songs that I managed to find on YouTube. Some of them your kids probably won’t be into watching, but serve as a great example of how to easily incorporate bubbles into music for your kids.

Below you will also find some of our favorite Bubble Circle Time Songs on printable cards.

Additional Bubble Unit Resources:

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Bubble Songs for Preschool Circle Time

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