Halloween Kid Crafts: Q-Tip Skeletons

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Halloween brings about many activities for families to do together. Although we love attending Fall festivals, haunted houses, and corn mazes, doing Halloween Kid Crafts has to be on the top of the list as our favorite thing to do during this time of year. There is a long list of simple crafts to do with kids. However, I don’t think any get any easier than this Q-Tip Skeletons Craft.

Halloween Kid Crafts: Q-Tip Skeleltons

All you need to make these is Q-Tip Skeletons:

  • Glue
  • Q-Tips
  • Black Construction paper
  • White felt paper
  • Black Marker


First I recommend laying out your Q-Tips to make the body look the way you envision. For this one, we chose to have him kicking up during a dance move. You can make your skeleton do your bidding 😉 I considered making a couple with the guy giving the girl a rose, but there wasn’t enough hours since we decided to do some other crafts on the same day.

Once you have your position figured out, you can pick your pieces up and put little strips of glue down and put the Q-Tips on top.

Then you would make the face out of white felt. I used eye pieces that I got from Dollar Tree. A black piece of felt for the nose. Red felt for the mouth.

If you wanted to, you could take some orange food coloring and dip the Q-Tips in the orange food colored water and then make Q-Tip pumpkins. The options are pretty endless.

I hope you and your kids like these Halloween kid crafts suggestions.

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