Homemade Cardboard Construction Set

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I have always admired those connector block sets in stores but have never purchased any because I have never been quite sure if it is a toy my children would enjoy. Lately Mr. Q has been showing a lot of interest in toys that he can take apart, put together, and build with, so I thought I would attempt making him some just to see if he would enjoy them. He LOVED them! This homemade cardboard construction set was a huge win!! And the best part? It is all recycled materials — so completely FREE!
DIY Cardboard Construction Set

Building and constructing with recycled materials is great for getting children to learn through play. This activity is a simple way to work on critical thinking and fine motor skills along with being an amazing way to teach kids to be environmentally conscious. Recycling house hold materials for our activities and homemade toys is a huge thing for us…plus it is great for the wallet!

Materials Needed for a Homemade Cardboard Construction Set:

  • Sturdy Cardboard
  • Scissors

DIY Cardboard Construction Set

Steps for Making Homemade Cardboard Constructions Sets:

  1. Cut the cardboard into a variety of squares.
  2. On the corners or along the edges cut some slim V-shaped slits. –see image above

And that’s it! Super simple! I placed our connector block set into a bin and simply left it out for the kiddos to play with. All of them played with them for hours (which the toy survived beautifully)! It was so much fun to watch them pick them up to play and create with the construction set throughout the day!

DIY Cardboard Construction Set

Fine motor development, creative thinking and imaginative play all rolled into one very simple DIY activity! Gotta LOVE that!

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This post was inspired by Happy Crafty Kids: Styrofoam Connector Set Toys.

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