How to Start Cloth Diapering on a Small Budget?

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Cloth diapers can be expensive. I remember feeling so discouraged with my first child as we browsed the various brands and saw prices like 12 diapers for $300…that was an upfront cost I personally would have never been able to afford.

Even though cloth diapers last for years, and save you money in the long run, you do not need to put a huge investment into cloth diapers and you shouldn’t. Learning How to Save Money on Cloth Diapers will not only make the initial investment more achievable, it will also help you find the brand of cloth diapers that works the best for your family.

How to Start Cloth Diapering on a Small Budget

How Many Cloth Diapers Do You Need to Start?

How many diapers you need to start cloth diapering really is going to depend on how much laundry you can do. I currently have two kids in cloth diapers and I throw diapers into the washing machine every night before bed. When I started building our fluffy stash I planned on 1 diaper change every 2 hours per kid. I would suggest having at least 16 cloth diapers to get yourself started.

Where to Find Affordable Cloth Diapers

Join Swap Groups

Swap groups are a fantastic way to trade items that you don’t need for items that you do need. You can use these to find free kids clothes, toys, and other household items. Most major cities have a Facebook group devoted to this, but if they don’t consider starting one yourself! One thing to note is that if you plan on swapping for cloth diapers, make sure you are getting new. Cloth diapers that have not been properly cared for will leak and when you buy used there is no way to know how they were washed and stored.

Join Local Mom Groups

There is no better resource as to what is available in your community than a group of local moms. In addition to knowing the small local businesses (like a mom who makes and sells cloth diapers), they also trade children’s items.

Shop Online

Earlier this year I discovered PatPat, an e-commerce marketplace where moms can snag high-quality, on-trend essentials for boys, girls, and baby clothes up to 90 percent off retail prices. In addition to their low prices you can “Pat a Friend” and get up to an additional 10% off by sharing across social media.

PatPat deals with their manufacturers directly. By cutting out the middleman, they are able to bring moms high-quality products at the lowest possible prices. In addition to their Flash Sale, PatPat also offers some products under the store mode which will never expire. And they now ship internationally!

How to Start Cloth Diapering on a Small Budget

This site has become my favorite go-to for finding affordable kids items. They even have an amazing app!

How to Start Cloth Diapering on a Small Budget

With these simple steps, you can get all of the essentials to start cloth diapering at a price you can afford.

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How to Start Cloth Diapering on a Small Budget

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