How to Get Your Kids to Eat Veggies Without Hiding Them

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Getting your kids to eat vegetables can seem impossible when it isn’t. I have some great tips to get your kids to eat veggies without hiding them!

Family and friends are often astonished when my once “picky eater” grabs a handful of vegetables to munch on. Getting to the point where he reached for them instead of sticking his nose up at them was quite the journey. If you are on this journey Mama, I know your frustration. But, you got this! With a little bit of creativity and a whole ton of persistence, your child will be munching on vegetables in no time!

How to Get Your Kids to Eat Vegetables without Hiding Them!

For quite some time my son Mr. Q would stick his nose up at vegetables before even glancing at them. To see where he is today, requesting broccoli over yogurt when we go out to eat makes my heart so happy. I’ve never been one to try and force my children to eat something they didn’t like so I’ve had to be creative and very patient.

4 ways to get your kids to eat veggies

Start young: You can’t expect your kids to suddenly eat that bowl of broccoli or the side dish of sliced carrots when they never have before. You’ll experience lots of resistance and get pretty frustrated with each other and you don’t want that! The best way to start this off is to introduce veggies as soon as you can. Start them out young so when they’re older, it’s normal to them because they’ve been eating all kinds of veggies all along.

Diversify them: So your little one can’t stand the taste of carrots and start gagging even at the smell? You may think they’re being a little over the top, but maybe they just don’t like that particular veggie. Try mixing it up and offering different veggies at each meal. If they don’t like carrots, try broccoli. If they don’t like broccoli, try some corn. After enough tries, I’m sure they’ll run into a few things they actually find quite tasty and will be begging you to cook it again!

Lead by example: Take a look at what you yourself are eating on a regular basis. Is it all sweet sugary foods including the fruits? You can’t expect your kids to jump for joy at the sight of vegetables if they don’t see you doing so. Start including vegetables into your diet, even when the kids aren’t sitting for a meal with you. If they see you randomly cook up some broccoli (cooked with some butter of course) for a snack, it may encourage them to at least give it a try. By seeing you eat veggies, it sets a good example that they should be eating them too.

Cook dishes they’ll enjoy: The last and possibly most important tip, is you need to cook food your family will enjoy. When you’re making meals for lunch or dinner, cook things they’ll enjoy and want to eat. I know when I first started incorporating veggies into every meal served (snacks included) I was overwhelmed at how complicated I was making cooking healthy in my head. It took me some time to realized that cooking for your family does not have to be complicated. Easy and convenient has become my new motto and my favorite product for helping me achieve this is MorningStar Farms® Veggie Bowls.

How to Get Your Kids to Eat Vegetables without Hiding Them!

MorningStar Farms® Veggie Bowls are loved by everyone in my family and are perfect for those days where we are on the go. My son currently is in love with their Italian Sausage Bake (made with Veggie Sausage Crumbles™). Every time we have one he inhales every bite!

How to Get Your Kids to Eat Vegetables without Hiding Them!

If you’re having a little bit of trouble getting your little one to eat veggies, I hope these tips can help you out. While hiding them is not something I suggest, there are other ways to get your kids to eat veggies! I’m sure you’ll have them begging for more before you know it.

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How to Get Your Kids to Eat Vegetables without Hiding Them!

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