Ice-Cream Scoops Name Printable for Kids

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Is your child working on learning their name? We have been working on name recognition now for a little over a year and this Ice-Cream Scoops Name Game Printable has been one of our favorite games for learning this skill!

Free Printable Ice-Cream Scoops Name Game

Earlier this month we were sent the Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart from LeapFrog and it quickly became a favorite toy around here. My kids have been playing and learning with this fun little ice-cream cart nonstop for the last month!

Free Printable Ice-Cream Scoops Name Game
The LeapFrog Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart has been perfect for engaging my kids in pretend play while working on skills such as colors, memory, matching, and number-sequencing. Tapping into the excitement that this LeapFrog toy created for my kids we decided to create an ice-cream unit.

This printable packet includes two different activities: the ice-cream scoops name game and a pretend play order sheet.

Free Printable Ice-Cream Scoops Name Game

When we sat down to start playing our name game we started with the pretend play order sheet. My kids had a blast pulling out the cards and creating custom orders for the six animal customers included in the Scoop and Learn Cart and each other. While marking down each order we worked on creating circles, crosses, lines, and x’s. We also discussed the shapes in each of our names. This was a fantastic way to sneak in some fine motor challenges without my kids even once noticing they were “working” 😉

After we had finished our session of pretend play we went over to the table to work on our name busy bag. This ice-cream name game was a HUGE hit!

How to Play the Ice-Cream Scoops Name Game

Items Needed:

  • Ice-Cream Printable Packet (available at the bottom of this post)
  • Blue, Black, and Red Markers
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors

How to Play:

After you have printed out your packet you will need to cut out each item. You could definitely have your child help you with this! Once all your shapes are cut out it’s time for the markers. On ours, we wrote each child’s name on the top of the ice cream cone for quick reference and then we wrote each letter of their name into individual scoops of ice cream. For the consonants, we wrote the letters in blue and for vowels, we wrote the letters in red. As we wrote out each letter we discussed the shapes that make them up just like we did with the pretend play order sheet. Then we put each ice-cream name together!

Free Printable Ice-Cream Scoops Name Game

After each busy bag was put together we counted the ice-cream scoops. This printable could be used for a variety of different learning activities. Working on word families? Have kids write and sort their sight words using the scoops and cone. Beginning sounds? Use one cone for each letter and cut out items from a magazine to glue into the scoops. Number sense? Tally, collect, and draw various number representations on each scoop and sort. This printable can be used for just about any skill that your child is working on. If you laminate your pieces before use you could easily use a dry erase marker to use this game over and over again 🙂

Free Printable Ice-Cream Scoops Name Game

My kids absolutely loved this game and I hope yours do too!

If you are not printing off this activity right this second, pin this post so you can easily find it later!

Free Printable Ice-Cream Scoops Name Game

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