IEP Toolkit for Parents

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Getting ready for an IEP meeting can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. This free IEP Toolkit printable is designed to help you prepare for your child’s IEP meeting’s ahead of time by keeping everything that you need recorded in one place.

IEP Binder for Parents

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To make this toolkit you will need:

  • 3 ring binder (buy here)
  • Binder Dividers (buy here)
  • 1-5 Binder Folders (buy here)

What’s Included in the FREE IEP Toolkit for Parents?

  • Pre-Meeting Checklist
  • IEP Team Contact List
  • Home Observations Strength/Weaknesses Worksheet
  • Accommodations/SDI Ideas Worksheet
  • Child Interest/Passions Worksheet
  • Questions/Concerns to Address Worksheet
  • Home Strategies Worksheet
  • IEP Meeting Notes
  • Advocacy Contact and Notes
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goals Reminder
  • Terms to Know

Setting up your IEP Toolkit for Parents:

How you set up your toolkit will be unique to your families needs. Some of these sheets you may not need while some you may need multiples of. I have one of these for each of my children that is in special education and I leave them sitting in my office where I can have easy access to update them throughout the year. I also keep a couple of business card holder sheets and folders within each binder to hold important documents such as immunization records, relevant medical records, past evaluations, current IEP, and report cards. Below is how I personally use each page of this Free IEP Toolkit.

Pre-Meeting Checklist: On this sheet I make notes of things that I will need to grab before a meeting. For example, if I discuss an accommodation with a teacher and they want to see an example of the idea at the next meeting I will write it down there so that I don’t forget it!

IEP Team Contact List: On this sheet I include contact information for every single member that is part of my child’s IEP team. This makes it easy to reach out if needed.

Home Observations: This is where I record not only what is working and what isn’t working, but I also record what my children excel with (or struggle with) at home. I do put a date next to each note I add to this page so I have a record of any growth or regressions that may happen.

Accommodations/SDI Ideas: So many times I see stuff online that I want to try, but quickly forget. This page was developed as a spot to record all those ideas for discussion.

Child Interest: On this sheet I record the type of activities and things that have worked really well or flopped with my kids.

Questions/Concerns: I use this worksheet to right down questions and concerns as they pop into my head otherwise I tend to forget them.

Home Strategies: Bridging the gap between home and school is extremely important. I use this worksheet to brainstorm with my child’s IEP team what can be done at home to work on their IEP Goals. This worksheet can also be used for recording therapies that happen outside of home and school. This is the easiest way I have found to get everyone working towards the same goals.

IEP Notes: If anything stands out in a meeting to me as something I need to look into further this is the place that I jot it down.

Advocacy Contacts and Notes: I use this section to record any resources outside of the school that I need to use.

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