iPad Cases than Can Survive Young Kids

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Let’s face it, kids are rough on things! Check out these 10 iPad cases for kids to see how you can protect your iPad from accidental damage!

10 iPad Cases that can Survive Young Kids
Lately I have done a couple reviews on iPad apps for kids and feedback I have been getting across various social media outlets has been awesome! I love to see all the interaction and questions! One of the most common reoccurring questions I have been getting has been about how to protect your iPad from damage and how to control what your kids have access to. It might take me a bit to get everything covered, but over the next couple weeks I do plan on answering these questions.

We got our first iPad for Livia when she was almost 3 years old. While that is very young to be getting a child their own iPad we had our reasons. At the time Livia had maybe 25 words, had just started her early childhood autism program, and had limited therapy options. Six months later we moved to an even smaller town. The only thing really there was a gas station and school – I drove 4 hours round trip twice a week just so she could get therapy and fought for a year in attempts to get her into public school (which was never successful and the reason for our third move). So for us, having an iPad that I could work on her with was a major blessing.

In the four years that we have had an iPad in our home, I have had to have the screen repaired twice. A cracked iPad screen is going to cost you at minimum $100…if you are lucky. I know when I shopped around for cases the prices on some of these made me do a double take and think seriously? for a piece of plastic..The thing is, they work. Both times our iPad has broken have been because I took it out of the case to clean the case.

Even if your iPad is not for your child, I can guarantee you that at one point or another your child will get their hands on it. And lets face it, young kids can be destructive. Not intentionally… Young kids are learning how to control their motor abilities and their emotions. Any iPad that is shared with a young child is bound to be dropped or find itself in the middle of a temper tantrum eventually.

Top iPad Cases for Kids:

I have, over the years, used all of these cases either on my iPad at home or school, or for my phone. This list of recommendations is in no particular order.

1. Griffin Survivor Extreme-duty Military Case: Buy On Amazon

The Griffin Survivor Extreme-duty Military case is probably one of the safest choices you can make. It is liquid spill proof, the ports are covered, and it can handle a decent drop…and by decent drop I mean the test for it was a 6 foot flat drop onto a concrete surface. If it can protect an iPad during a test like that, I am pretty sure it can survive your kids! I use this case on my phone and I love it! I have even drove over my phone while it was in this case and it came out in one piece…that story is for another day.

2. GRIPCASE: Buy on Amazon

iPad Cases for Kids: GripCase
The GRIPCASE is made of shock absorbent foam that cover the sides and back, with built in “crumple-zones”. While this is a great case, it is best suited for school age children as it is not spill-proof and the screen and ports are not covered. The frame around the edges has handles that are the perfect size for little hands which can be a lot of fun when using games that work on hand eye coordination such as Motion Math.

3. Winpartner Travellor Silicon Case: Buy on Amazon

iPad Cases for Kids: Winpartner Travellor Silicon Case
The Winpartner Travellor Case is very similar to the Griffin Survivor Extreme in that they both went through the same level of testing. This iPad case is another great option as it is spill-proof, ports are covered, and it can handle rough use. The only real difference is that there are slightly more color choices from this brand and the price is a couple dollars cheaper.

4. Speck Products iGuy: Buy on Amazon

iPad Cases for Kids: Speck Products iGuy
I love how adorable the Speck iGuy is. He is fun, friendly, and super inviting. This is the current case that I have on our iPad at home. While the ports and screen are not covered, making this case not safe around spills, we have really loved this case. He can also handle a decent drop. This case is super easy for kids to stand up and his arms are the perfect grip size for little hands. Recently when we drove cross country I discovered that his arms fit perfectly between two captain seats. This makes it easy for kids to share the iPad during those ridiculously long trips. The only complaint I have on this case is that it is a bugger to get the iPad into. While this does mean the iPad is in the case good and snug (won’t fall out), it does make cleaning the case a bit of a chore.

5. Trident Kraken Case: Buy on Amazon

iPad Cases for Kids: Trident Kraken Case
The Trident Kraken case is very similar to the other cases that are spill safe, drop safe, with covered ports. What makes this case different is that it comes with an A.M.S. attachment port. While the attachments do need to be bought separately, this is a very neat feature to use for children with limited motor abilities. Don’t know what an A.M.S. attachment port is? Check out these Trident Kraken YouTube videos to see what it can do.

6. Otterbox Defender: Buy on Amazon

iPad Cases for Kids: OtterBox Defender
When it comes to heavy duty iPad cases, Otterbox is by far my favorite. It shares all the same basic features as the other heavy duty cases, but is not as bulky as the Travellor or the Griffin. When we used a heavy duty case on our iPad at home, this is the one I chose to use. My choice to use this brand was completely based on its ability to easily slide into my purse. While that seems like a silly reason to choose a case, when Livia was little I needed something heavy duty yet easy to bring along. This way my hands could be free and I always had our homemade social stories with. The other cases will easily fit into larger purses and diaper bags. It is all just a personal preference.

7. Big Grips: Buy on Amazon

iPad Cases for Kids: Big Grips Frame
Big Grips latex free squishy frame (no back) is an affordable solution to protect your iPad with school aged children. Since this case is around 1 inch thick, it is a bit of a challenge to plug in and charge. However, this case is very simple to put on and take off.

8. HHI Kids Fun Play Armor: Buy on Amazon

iPad Cases for Kids: HHI Kids Fun Play Armor
The HHI Armor is a playfully bright case for school aged children. It’s extra thick layers provide quality shock absorption. While the front of the iPad is not covered, the raised design around the corners provide drop protection for the screen. This case is awesome for the iPad Mini, I would not recommend it for a full size iPad.

9. i-Blason ArmorBox Kiddo: Buy on Amazon

iPad Cases for Kids: i-Blason ArmorBox Kiddo
The i-Blason ArmorBox for Kids is an amazing case! This thick light weight case will protect your iPad from dings and dents and has covered ports. The kid friendly handle doubles as a versatile stand. The only downside for this case is that the stand props the case completely vertical when standing up. This is great for helping kids see, but can cause a strain for adults when playing on the iPad with kids.

10. mEDGE SuperShell Foam Frame: Buy on Amazon

iPad Cases for Kids: mEDGE SuperShell Foam Frame
The mEDGE Foam Frame is very similar to the Big Grips. What makes this case special is that the foam covering wraps around the back with openings for the camera and speaker. The texture around the edges provide an extra grip making the case non-slip.


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