Melted Dragons Brew

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Every year for Halloween Livia has come up with something off the wall, like a La La Loopsy Zombie…Watching her creativity in her costumes has almost become a family tradition — What insane idea can she come up with this year?

Surprisingly Livia this year went tame…well at least for her. And how she came up with the idea was just a bit out there. I am loving how this Melted Dragons Brew came to life!

{is it just me or does this remind anyone else of toothless from How to Train Your Dragon?!}

This Melted Dragons Brew is insanely simple and crazy fun!

Every day if Livia comes home with a certain percentage on her behavior contract we go out for a small reward. I am not really big on reward systems, but this is what they have set up as classroom management for her and it is working for them. So instead of undermine it, I support it because I support her. So, on this particular day she had come home with that magical percentage which led us to 7-11.

Freaky Fanta Photo Booth!

As we browsed the isles Livia decided that her one indulgence for the day would be a Fanta Soda. For her soda is a super special treat. While there we discovered the Freaky Fanta Foto Booth that Fanta currently has that allows users to upload their selfies and try on costumes! As we played around with the different costumes and got many good giggles Livia decided that she was going to be a witch for Halloween and that her soda would be used to make a Dragons Brew. Ya’ll this was a ton of fun!

Ingredients Needed for a Melted Dragons Brew

  • Body Parts Gummies
  • Play Dough Ice Cream
  • Fanta Soda

Grape floats are filled with childhood memories for me. Many many nights drinking a grape float and playing pinnacle with my grandparents. So I couldn’t resist jumping at the chance to make this Melted Dragons Brew grape flavored!


  1. Pour your gummy body parts into a large bowl. Add in however many you want — the more the merrier!This Melted Dragons Brew is insanely simple and crazy fun!
  2. Add your play dough ice cream on top. You can use any flavor of ice cream but the play dough ice cream will give your brew a fun color changing effect. This Melted Dragons Brew is insanely simple and crazy fun!
  3. Pop the top of your Fanta Soda and pour it in! Watch the bubbles change color as it hits different parts of the ice cream! This Melted Dragons Brew is insanely simple and crazy fun! This Melted Dragons Brew is insanely simple and crazy fun!
  4. Serve and enjoy!

Livia had so much fun making this brew and serving it up in her costume!

This Melted Dragons Brew is insanely simple and crazy fun!

I am loving how adorable she looks! Help your kid have some fun with Fanta by using the Fanta Freaky Foto Booth and letting their imaginations run wild!

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