How to Make No Sew I Spy Bags for Kids

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I Spy Bags and Sensory Bags are a fun mess free way for younger kids to explore sensory play. In the past we have shared quite a few sensory bag ideas on the site.

Quite a few of y’all have asked how to prevent little fingers from tearing through the sandwich bags while they play. These no sew I Spy bean bags will solve that problem! Plus you don’t have to have a crafty bone in your body to make these!!

No Sew I Spy Bags for Kids

How to Make No Sew I Spy Bean Bags

Supplies Needed for I Spy Bags:

  • 12×18 Colored Felt
  • 5×7 Piece of Cardboard
  • Thick Clear Vinyl (we used this)
  • White Pencil or Highlighter
  • Velcro
  • Liquid Stitch or Hot Glue
  • Ziplock Bags
  • Sensory Fillers (check out this list for hundreds of sensory filler ideas)
  • Toys

No Sew I Spy Bag Directions:

1. Fold the 12×18 sheet of colored felt in half, creating a square. Use the 5×7 piece of cardboard and trace out the window.

2. Use the cardboard template to trace and cut out a piece of vinyl. Cut your vinyl square slightly larger than the 5×7 template.

3. Use scissors to cut the square out. We cut a hole in the middle of the square to start the cut.

4. Use liquid stitch or hot glue to secure the clear vinyl on to the felt. We used liquid stitch for these photos. It did not hold as strong as hot glue did as the felt quickly absorbed the liquid stitch. Definitely test a small area before doing the whole area. Allow glue to dry before proceeding.

I Spy Bags blue felt with liquid stitch and clear vinyl

5. Use peel and stick velcro around the edges of the felt. Arrange the velcro so that when you fold the I Spy Bags back in half the velcro will seal the bags shut.

I Spy Bean Bags with Velcro

Add in sandwich bag with a sensory filler and small toys and play!

I Spy Bag Ideas

Every time we share a new I Spy Bag or Sensory Bag idea on the site, we will update this post so make sure to pin this article so you can easily find it!

No Sew I Spy Bags

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