Santa Hat Popsicle Stick Ornament

Santa Hat Popsicle Stick Ornament for Christmas

These Homemade Santa Hat Popsicle Stick Ornaments are easy to make and fun to hang up. Your kids will love seeing their DIY ornaments on the Christmas Tree! Before kids, every single year I would decorate our Christmas tree top to bottom with beautiful glass ornaments. Four kids and many holidays later, not many of … Read more

How to Make Playdough Without Flour

How to Make Playdough without Flour

What if I told you that you could make playdough without flour, salt, oil, or cream of tartar? Now what if I told you that you could also make this playdough without cooking it? This simple flourless playdough recipe is one of my all time favorite and a complete game changer for making playdough at … Read more

No Cook Gingerbread Playdough Recipe

Gingerbread Playdough No Cook Recipe

Get in the holiday spirit with this fun Gingerbread Playdough No Cook Recipe! This homemade playdough smells absolutely lovely and is as soft as can be! Playdough is one of my favorite activities to do with the kids. It’s low mess, has endless possibilities, and playdough is jammed packed with developmental benefits. Recipe for Gingerbread … Read more