Light Up the World Earth Day Craft

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Light Up the World Earth Day Craft: Encourage recycling and innovation through this simple earth day craft that will light up awareness on taking care of our world through our daily actions!
Light Up the World Earth Day Craft
With Olivia’s Autism she can tend to get pretty obsessive about certain aspects of our day to day life. Teeth must be brushed after every meal and snack…shoes must be tied just a certain way…and recycling —anything and everything that can be recycled must be. While there are times that this tries my patience levels, having a child that is so focused on taking care of herself and this world is for myself a huge blessing. It serves as my daily reminder {often happens many, many times a day} that it is our jobs to take care of what we have.

So this week when we went about our grocery shopping and daily lesson prepping at Walmart you could imagine Olivia’s joy when we stumbled across Energizer’s EcoAdvanced batteries — the first battery on the market to use recycled batteries and materials.

Energizer's Ecoadvanced Batteries

Now mind you that in our home we go through batteries like there is no tomorrow and disposing of the batteries that we burn out is on the verge of painful for Olivia. She literally squealed for delight when she saw these, and immediately attempted to fill our basket full. Thinking I was giving Livia a challenge I explained to her that she could get as many Energizer’s EcoAdvanced AA Batteries as her heart desired as long as she could come up with a project to do with them that used recycled materials. These Globe Lanterns were her solution and the reason we left with a basket full of AA Batteries {thankfully they were affordable!}

Earth Day Paper Mache Lantern

Items Needed for Earth Day Lanterns:

  • Papier-mâché {2 parts water, 1 part flour}
  • Balloon
  • Tempera Paint
  • Recycled Paper
  • Duct Tape
  • Flash Light
  • Energizer’s EcoAdvanced Batteries

Items Needed for Paper Mache Globes

You will probably want to add a crafting tray to catch any Papier-mâché drip and a cup to support your balloon.

Set Up for Earth Day Lanterns

How to Create Your Lantern:

To start simply blow up your balloon, cut up your recycled paper into strips, and let kiddos get their hands messy in the papier-mâché.

Papier-mâché Globes

It may take a couple of tries to help younger kids get the concept {papier-mâché is so much messy fun it can be an activity in itself}! Once your kiddo understands how to apply their papier-mâché to the balloon step back and let them do their thing!

Papier-mâché World Craft

You are going to want to leave the bottom of the balloon open. Once your balloons are covered let your creations dry over night.

Papier-mâché World Globe

Once dry pop your balloon. This will create a bowl like shape. Olivia also poked holes into her globe at this time so that her world lantern would create stars on her ceiling.

Papier-mâché bowl

Then it’s time to decorate!

Painting Papier-mâché Earth

We didn’t go much into the shapes of the continents. Instead we focused more on covering our globes with a solid amount of paint as the print on our paper did show through the tempera.

Painting Papier-mâché Globes

Allow your paint to dry and then reinforce the bottom of your lanterns with duct tape.

Duct Tape Reinforcement

Slowly build that up until you have a small hole left. Insert your flashlight into the opening and attach to the tape. Seal your hole shut.

Sealing in Flashlight

And then take outside {or to a dark room} to play!

Earth Day Papier-mâché Lantern

Olivia eventually set her’s up in her room as a nightlight. Being that these are Energizer’s longest lasting alkaline batteries and recycled these lanterns made the perfect subtle and guilt free night light! Discover more innovative and green ideas at

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