A Really Big List of Free Science Websites for Kids

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Make the most out of your child’s time online with these Free Science Websites for Kids.

This insanely massive list of fun learning science websites includes sites for a wide range of ages, from preschool and up. The majority of these though are best suited for elementary aged students.

Each one of the sites listed are ones that I have personally gone through and would allow my own children to be on unsupervised. That said, always check out a site before letting your child loose to explore.

Science Websites for Kids

When organizing this list, three main themes popped out at me – Online Games, Research, and Offline Experiments. Most of these sites do include so form of mixture of all three, while some are solely devoted to only one area.

Science Experiment Websites for Kids

Here you will find some awesome sites that offer offline experiments that kids can do. These experiments are perfect for science fairs, fun at home, or supplementing your home-school or classroom lessons!

Parenting Chaos Science Experiments for Kids: just had to throw that one out there…

STEAM Powered Family: One of my favorite blogs for finding fun family STEAM activities.

Schooling A Monkey: offers a huge resource of simple science experiments plus they have a super fun Facebook channel!

Little Bins for Little Hands: has a ton of fun STEAM and science experiments. If you have a slime loving kid this is a site you need to check out!

Try Science: has over 500 easy to follow free lesson plans and a teacher community.

Ask a Biologist: is a really neat resource for exploring biology with your child.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Lots of fun DIY STEM Experiments aimed at girls.

Energy Kids: Fun activities and experiments to help kids explore what energy is and how to conserve energy.

Optics 4 Kids: Lots of fun science experiments to help kids understand that physics of light.

Science Bob: Lots of fun science fair activities with printable PDF’s included.

Weather Wiz Kids: weather based science experiments for kids.

Online Science Games for Kids

All of these sites offer fun online games for kids that have a science theme!

The Lawrence Hall of Science
Center for Games Science
Climate Kids
Discovery Kids
Kids Science Challenge
The Lorax Project
NASA Kid’s Club
NASA Space Place
Design Squad
Peep & The Big Wide World
Plum Landing
Space Racers

Science Research Sites for Kids

The sites on this list are an awesome place for kids to go to learn about science. From fun videos, to interactive designs, to articles written by kids — all of the sites on this list are just amazing.

Science News for Students
Amazing Space
DK Find Out
Frontiers for Young Minds
National Geographic for Kids
Space Scoop
Ask Dr. Universe
Brain POP
Smithsonian Tween Tribune

Free QR Code Printable

Grab this list in a kid friendly format. We have thrown all of these links onto some very simple QR codes. Simply print out this printable, place it on a ring, and set it near your computer lab. You could use these as a handout for kids.

The cards have been color-coded and labeled with icons for non-readers.

You can snag them for for free here.

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Science Websites for Kids

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