Taste Safe Moon Sand Recipe

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Make this taste safe homemade moon sand with this easy recipe for a fantastic sensory play experience for kids, using just 3 simple ingredients! Your kids will love this moon sand DIY!

Edible Moon Sand DIY

Easy sensory ideas are by far one of my family’s favorite go-to activities. From sensory bins to easy sensory recipes we absolutely adore it all!

For awhile now, my daughter has been wanting to give making moon sand a try, but every recipe I was finding online either called for baby oil or powdered tempera paint and quite honestly we didn’t have either of those items in our cabinets and they never really made the shopping list…so this project was continually put off.

And then one day we had a choice of moving an open 5lb bag of flour with us or figuring out what to do with it. So this experiment began. This edible moon sand recipe is made with three very common household items, is taste safe (you probably don’t want to eat it though), and turned out absolutely vibrant!

Items Needed to Make Homemade Moon Sand:

  • Flour
  • Food Dye (these are the dyes that I used in the video)
  • Canola (or other variety of vegetable) Oil
  • Bin and Scoops!

Watch This Video to See How to Make Moon Sand with Flour and Vegetable Oil

Moon Sand Recipe

We used canola oil instead of baby oil to make our moon sand taste safe. This does not mean that it tastes good or even that it should be eaten by the handful. It just means that if your little one were to take a bite or two, that child would be perfectly fine.

To make our moon sand we used a ratio of 1:8 (1 cup of oil per 8 cups of flour). This worked out to using 1/2 cup of flour and 2 T. of canola oil to make each color.

To start I measured out the oil into four different bowls and added in our food dye.

Using a flat edge tool I mixed up everything really well.

Really – REALLY, well.

If you did not stop to watch the video seriously go up and watch it now. One of the biggest complaints that I get on this moon sand recipe is that the colors did not mix. It does take some work to get everything to mix right and the video will show you what everything needs to look like in order for this to work.

Since our food dye was not oil based it beaded, but it still colored the flour beautifully. Keep your food dye out just in case you need to add more.

Once your food dye is broken up into small beads add in your flour and mix really really well. If more food dye is needed don’t be afraid to add it directly to your flour. It will make those spots a tad darker than the rest. My kids thought it gave the moon sand a fun sparkle look.

Once you have given everything a good stir, jump in with your hands and break it all up. Feel out any oil beads and smush them up into the flour. This will help blend the color more and prevent these pockets from bursting on your kids hands (which would cause food dye stains to appear on their hands).

Once all the colors were mixed I lined them up in our sensory bin and gave the kids the kitchen tools we had used to make the moon sand (along with some additional sensory play toys). The kids had a blast scooping, molding, dumping, and making a lovely mess.

This did end up everywhere! But it was incredibly easy to sweep up and brush off.

Eventually my son dragged the entire sensory bin into the backyard to make mud pies with! This moon sand recipe kept my kids entertained all afternoon and was beyond cheap on the pocketbook!

To store this DIY edible moon sande, simply throw it into an air tight container and it will last a couple of weeks!

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Not making this taste safe moon sand recipe right this instant? Pin this post so you can easily find it later! And if you have made this recipe we would love to see your photos here!!

Edible Homemade Moon Sand

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