How to Stay Connected with Your Kids When You Travel for Work

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of HomeTeam for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Being a parent whose job requires travel is no easy task. While it is a challenge, connecting with your kids while away is not impossible. Here are five fun ways to connect with your children while traveling.

Tips for Traveling Parents

How to Connect With Your Kids While Traveling

Make a Travel Calendar

Explore maps of where you are going and what you are doing with your kids. Then sit down with them and let them help you plan your calendar. Make a version for them and mark which day you are coming home. This is a fun way to create some quality time with your kids before you leave and kids will have a blast marking off the days until you come home.

Take a Travel Buddy

Find a stuffed toy that resonates with your families personality. Pack it with you to keep you safe on your travels. Ours is a particularly mischievous buffalo named Bonk. His special talent is finding the best local candy.

Text or Email

Send your kids a good morning video or text pictures with your travel buddy of the fun stuff that you get to see! These can then later be compiled to create stories your kids will love to flip through.

Schedule Group HomeTeam Calls

The HomeTeam App which is available for tablet or desktop is an amazing app for connecting families across distances. Using HomeTeam you can take part in activities that your child loves during unlimited video calls. They have a ton of games to play and books to read together. The eBook library is beyond impressive. All of my kids Disney favorites were there to be read.

Tips for Traveling Parents

These books can be read outside of video calls too! My son loves the read to me feature.

Tips for Traveling Parents

He will often go through and read a couple of these books while waiting for everything to get situated for the video call. Adding people to join your activity is incredibly easy. Simply click “Do More” on the top bar and select “Read Together”

Tips for Traveling Parents

This is such a fantastic app to maintain rituals such as the bedtime story while traveling!

Currently the HomeTeam app has a free month trial for access to all the games and eBooks (regularly $8.95 per month).

Download on Android | Download on iOS

Prepare a Welcome Home Meal with a Theme

Make coming home a special event for your family. Have kids help make a special meal or decorate the table. This will help build excitement, get your family thinking about one another, and help build fun filled memories at home!

Do you have any ideas for connecting with your family while traveling that we missed? Share them with us in the comments!

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