Woven Easter Egg Place Mats

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I seriously cannot believe that Easter is right around the corner. Where has this year gone?

Today when craft time came around Livia asked for an Easter craft. I had planned for us to start on weaving with cloth weaving, but on spur of the moment I could not for the life of me think up how to tie in cloth weaving with an Easter craft. Maybe I will come up with one here soon…

Anyways, these place mats where the result of her wanting an Easter craft and me wanting her to work on weaving. Added bonus, we now have some lovely table displays to put our Easter eggs on! {Once we get around to decorating them that is}

Woven Easter egg place mats
To do this craft is super easy, it doesn’t require having a lot of craft materials at home, and it is a great way to work on your little ones fine motor skills. 

Items Needed for the Woven Easter Egg Place Mats:

  • Construction paper or Card Stock
  • Scissors
  • Glue

We used card stock for the main parts of the weave and used scrapbook paper for the strips to weave through. You could even use plain printer paper and let your kiddo decorate their own egg!

Woven Easter egg place mats
To start the craft take your card stock or construction paper and fold it like a hot dog. From here you are going to make cuts but not all the way to the edge.

Woven Easter egg place mats
We leave about the width of two fingers. Feel free to get creative with your cuts! We did straight, zig-zag, and wavy. If your child is not yet old enough to use scissors or needs help with this step do not be afraid to step in and help them. I had to help Livia with some of the cuts and let me just say it was tricky! I almost wish I had pulled out my x-acto knife for this step.

Woven Easter egg place mats
Once you have successfully made all of your cuts, unfold the paper. It should look something similar to above were the cuts do not go fully to the edge.

Then let your child cut out strips of whatever paper they want to use and weave them through the frame. For this step the only thing I really had to do was remind Livia which side of the paper to start cutting on so that the strips were long enough and every now and then to chime in with over, under…towards the end of it she was singing a song about how weaving paper was like swinging on a swing.          

Woven Easter egg place mats
Once your child has woven a couple pieces in help them slide the strips tightly together. This will help hold it in place.

Woven Easter egg place mats
If they aren’t super tight don’t worry. We had some issues getting the strips in the wavy one up next to each other and it stayed just fine. This is what they should look like once done weaving. Aren’t they beautiful?

(sorry I forgot to get pictures of the next step, but it is fairly straight forward).

Once everything is woven together take another sheet of card stock or construction paper and also fold it in half like a hot dog. On this sheet you are going to cut out an oval for your (or your kids) are going to cut out an oval for your egg.

After cutting it out take your glue and glue the egg cut out on top of the weave. Press down firmly and allow to dry.

Woven Easter egg place mats
And there you go! Easy peasy, fun, and beautiful. If you would like your place mat to have a longer life I would suggest laminating it if you can.

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