Printable Alphabet Roads

Printable Alphabet Roads

My little guy is still on his journey to learn his uppercase and lowercase letters so this week we designed these fun printable alphabet road mats to play with! These mats have been fantastic for working on letter recognization, letter formation, and fine motor skills!

Printable Alphabet Roads

In the past, we have built an alphabet road construction kit out of cardboard boxes that allowed kids to physically build their ABC’s before driving their vehicles around the letters. We have heard back from quite a few of you that you wanted a printable option and now it is FINALLY available!

How to Use The Printable Alphabet Roads Packet

Head to the free sample download and save/print to your computer. There are two free samples A-C uppercase and a-c lowercase, so when you get your email after signing up make sure to check for both. I suggest printing your mats on cardstock and laminating them so you can play them over and over again. If you purchase the full 54-page packet you could also bind them for a really cute quiet book šŸ™‚

Printable Alphabet Roads

Once printed – PLAY!

We used brown playdough on our mats to form each letter and then drove our vehicles through the mud! Follow this link to find all of our homemade playdough recipes.

Printable Alphabet Roads

As we played with each letter we discussed the shapes needed to create each letter and what words had beginning sounds of that letter. You could even up the beginning sounds challenge by narrowing it down to which vehicle words start with “___”!

Printable Alphabet Roads

These printable ABC road playdough maps are completely open-ended.We even pull them out from time to time to play without playdough!

Free Printable

More Ways to Play with the Alphabet!

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Printable Alphabet Roads

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